Sibling Trouble

Dear Jitters,

How do I calm myself down when I get mad at siblings?




Dear Anonymous,

        Siblings are blessings to be cherished. There are no friends like those who have been with you from the beginning. On the other hand, they have the potential to be absolutely infuriating. Depending on their ages (and maturity), it may behoove you to simply have a talk with them. Try explaining exactly what upsets you about their words and/or actions, but make an effort to use “I feel” in place of “You (insert crime here)”, as it gets your point across without seeming too defensive. You will most likely find that, if this is done successfully, your initial anger has turned into positive, compromising energy (depending on your siblings' reactions). If talking to them doesn't work out like you hope, try going anywhere you are comfortable and can be completely alone. Once you've done this, work quietly on something that takes your mind off of the here and now. Do this for as long as it takes you not to behave drastically (and possibly dangerously) towards your siblings. Remember, many a regret is the result of a moment of anger.

Best of luck with your family!