The Incentive

Dear Jitters,

I got a A in Math and my mom gave me twenty dollars! Should I accept or just keep doing my work as great as I can?




Dear Anonymous,

       Congratulations on your A! It's obvious that you've worked very hard this semester in order to achieve it. It's because of this, however, that I would advise you to politely refuse such a gracious money reward for the time being and consider the possible effects it could have on you. I'm sure your mother only meant to offer her congratulations and give you an incentive to keep up the good work, but should you need one? Isn't it enough that you simply earned an A, even without accepting twenty dollars for it? I can tell that this is something you may have pondered already due to your asking of such a question, and that displays an impressive amount of maturity on your part. Of course, this is a decision only you can make, but keep in mind that one of the most important things a young person can learn is how to have pride in achievement without any reward but that personal pride itself.

      I applaud you for your grade and thoughtfulness in handling this situation.