So Little Time

Dear Jitters,

          I'm doing a few clubs, but I'm getting overwhelmed because I have no time to relax. Should I quit them?




Dear Anonymous,

          There's a lot after-school clubs and the like have to offer you along the lines of educational and social expansion (and that's not to mention just how much fun they can be). That being said, too much of a good thing can really tip any balance you may have been maintaining. It seems as though you've already established a sense of just how important relaxation and free time are. After all, it is then that your mind decides to give you a break from the usual, constant tip-tapping of burdens and allows itself to work at a more leisurely pace. Though everyone reacts to and handles a lack of this time in unique ways, it's safe to say that you've been finding yourself more stressed than usual. This is because, without ample time to relax, all of your restlessness is being built upon rather than released.

Keep this in mind as you make your decision of whether or not to quit these clubs. In addition, please make sure to consider what the individual activities offer you and your importance to their functioning. No matter what decision you make, it is vital that you execute it politely and with an awareness that the leaders and members of these clubs are likely depending on you to hold up your end of the bargain. (This means that, if you decide to quit any, you personally try to negotiate a middle-ground that might work better for you and/or personally tell them that you can no longer be a member.)

          I wish you the best in making a clear-minded decision.