A Simple Truth

Dear Jitters,

I don't like myself or my body, and I'm tired and sad everyday.

What do I do?




Dear Anonymous,

            I'm very sorry to hear that you've been having such a hard time lately. You've already put yourself on the right track by contacting me for support, and I realize that it may have been tough for you to do so. Have you told anyone else how you've been feeling? The best thing you could possibly do at this moment is talk to your parents (and/or other close adults in your life) and a close friend you trust. This will not only build a ring of support around you and ease thoughts of loneliness, but allow those who care about you to take action in finding the cause of your self-consciousness, tiredness, and sadness. It might even be a good idea to schedule a doctor's appointment to address constant sleepiness and nip it in the bud.

            More than anything, I want you to know that you are far from alone in feeling this way about yourself and your body. Though everyone your age is experiencing unique and new emotions, many of them are just as familiar as you with self consciousness and depression whether or not they openly admit it (and in most cases, they won't). Growing up is not the easiest thing you will ever do, but what will get you through it with self-assurance and positivity is acknowledging one simple truth: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Your body and mind are individual to you and deserve better than constant comparison to those of people around you. Learn this. Believe it. Carry it with you.

            It means a lot that you came to me for support. Thank you.