Not Enough Nuggets!

At Holland Patent School District they sell all school lunches for $2.00, but the school chicken nuggets (although it’s not the best quality meat) are an iota of nuggets. Chicken nuggets are a favorite at Holland Patent. The school only gives you 6 chicken nuggets. If you get doubles, that means you get 12 chicken nuggets for $4.00. I believe that all students and parents agree with me that school lunches should contain more chicken nuggets. A quote from a parent is, “I know that chicken nuggets aren’t very expensive, and if you’re paying $2.00 for a lunch I would expect the portion to be at least 8 nuggets.” Here’s a question we all ask:   “Why can’t we have more chicken nuggets? Were kids not eating all of their food?” As the parent agrees with me, I do think that we should at least have 8 chicken nuggets.