Chris G

This week’s “Student of the Week” is Chris G. You have probably heard of him as the student council president. All of the questions are submitted by students. If you have questions see Mrs. Horwat, and it will be submitted into the newspaper (or you could submit them by comment on this page).

S.N. Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? Who is the real Chris G.?

C.G. “I lived on Mapledale, in Barneveld for most of my life. I have an interest in politics since 4th grade. I enjoy snowstorms and winter weather, as well as traveling.”

A.L. what would you want to do in the future (question submitted by Aaron L.)?

C.G. “A lawyer or a meteorologist.”

D.S. How do you always know the weather so well (Question submitted by Dakota S.)?

C.G. “I took a weather class at MVCC and it was taught by local meteorologist Bill Kardas from WKTV.”

M.P. How did you become so interested in weather (question submitted by Maddie P)?

C.G. “On the Valentine’s Day storm in 2007. It had stormed over 30 inches.”

R.S. What is your method of getting good grades (Question submitted by Raelyn S.)?

C.G. “To prepare yourself ahead for only major tests like the state or 10 week tests, and unit tests.”

S.C. What is your favorite color (question submitted by Sarah C.)?

C.G. “Red.”

C.B. How is life as Student Council president (questions submitted by Chris B.)?

C.G. “The first half was not a lot of meetings, mostly they were about dances.  Now there will be more meetings, so we can begin to accomplish more, such as installing a T.V. monitor to run slides with the days information.”

Batman or Superman?

C.G. “Superman seems more fictional. He’s able to accomplish more and is more human [than Batman] and easier to relate to.”


C.G. “ I enjoy tennis during the spring and the summer, and the fall. Also skiing in the winter.”

So, as you can see Chris has a very busy life with being Student Council president, and his tennis and skiing, and not to forget weather and helping other students to know when to wear a heavy jacket.

Thanks for Reading,

Noah M.