A Society Heavily Influenced by Technology

    Let me be the first to admit that at dinners or times when I am supposed to be spending time with my family I have been texting or talking to other people on my cellphone or IPod. Lately there have been tons of articles, videos, and even pictures that have been complaining about the constant usage of American’s on their cellphones and other devices. With all of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr it seem impossible to ignore the buzz of your phone as you get a new notification. Basically ever since I have grown up it has been like this. I can’t really remember a time where it was much different. In numerous articles that I’ve read about this topic, one argument is always that if we spend too much time on our phones we aren’t going to have any skills when it comes to face to face communication. I mean this is a valid argument but think about it. There comes a point during the day when it becomes essential to at least say a couple words to someone. Whether it is asking your mom what is for dinner or telling your friend about your weekend. As much as you want to deny it there comes a point where you can’t have every single conversation on your phone. When you want to give your teacher the answer to the question she just asked it isn’t like you can just text her the answer! So yes, maybe the amount of face to face conversation is decreasing but it isn’t disappearing. When it comes to these issues the IPhones, Smartphones, IPods, Computers, Tablets, and other devices aren’t to blame. It’s us. Thinking realistically about it our phones aren’t literally controlling us. You have a decision to either put the phone down and go outside with your family or stay on it and talk to your friend. Instead of blaming all of our problems on the inventions of these new things I think we just need to learn how to limit ourselves better. Being completely honest I have tons of trouble leaving my phone in the car when we go out to eat somewhere or putting it in my backpack when I’m at my nana’s house but it is something that we now have to learn to do. Technology is advancing and it is becoming a bigger part of our world. It isn’t going to control us if we don’t let it. We have to put down our devices and go do the things we enjoy. It’s easier for me to turn my IPod off when I think of how it makes the people around me feel. I know my dad would much rather talk to me about my day then have my eyes focused on a bright screen for the remainder of the evening. These new devices to me aren’t really bad at all. They just need to be used in moderation, like junk food is eaten in moderation. I think if we just limit ourselves there won’t be much to complain about at all.