Can Money Buy Happiness?

   Money is what buys us food. Money is what we receive after we complete a job. Money is what we use to buy all sorts of things that make us happy. Money is basically essential, but are money and the things it buys what really make us truly content? Though money can buy many things, there are also things it can’t. Money can’t buy love or trust (at least not the real kind) and cannot keep a person satisfied forever. Money is paper, and I think we, as humans, tend to forget about that. I personally do not believe that a great amount of money causes a richer life. I think spending time with people and doing things you enjoy will make you much happier than having all the money in the world. What if you had all the money you could possibly dream of, but you did not have anything money could not buy? Where would your real friends be? Or your family? Or moments of laughter moments of true happiness? Sure, you’d still be able to buy food, or gas for your car, but at the end of the day would you have anyone to share it with? Questions concerning careers and money are particularly compelling. Would you rather have a well- paying job that you did not enjoy or a job you love, that did not pay well at all? When you have a job it takes up a large amount of your time. Just like school, it is usually something you have to go to everyday. If doing your job is to which the majority of your time is dedicated then why on earth would you work every day at a job you hated? Even if it does pay well, I’d be much happier going to a job I enjoyed than receiving a large sum of cash for doing something that made me unhappy. Maybe money can buy something that makes us happy, but that happiness is most likely not going to last forever. There are many people who struggled heavily with poverty but still did great things with their lives that fulfilled them. Money is important, but at the end of the day, money is not always what will bring a smile to your face.