Google Glass

Whenever I have an important question I feel needs to be answered, and my friends, or family don’t have the answer I tend to result to Google. Google is one of the most five popular websites in the world. It is a search engine that helps you find what you’re looking for based on keyword searches. However, Google isn’t just helping people find websites they’re looking for, it’s creating something else completely different.

What They Do & What They Are

               Google has come up with something new called Glass or Google Glass. These are glasses that are a wearable computer. With Google Glass you can do a number of things. You can record videos, take pictures, share what you see, get directions, speak to send messages, ask questions, and translate your voice. Google Glass is controlled by voice commands. Glass was created, according to Google, to “be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.”

How They Work & Their Design

             Google glass works by using a miniature display to put data in front (or to the upper right) of your vision by a prism screen. It is designed this way so that you can still see what is in front of you. Glass has been designed to be as light, yet as strong as possible. They come in different colors such as tangerine, charcoal, shale, cotton, and sky (orange, black, grey, white and blue). The frames also come with adjustable pads for the frames, to be comfortable for wearing. Also, if you already wear glasses (like I do) there has been possibility for Google Glass to be attached to existing frames (not sure how cool you’d look though). They offer a 640 x 360 display which is equal to a 25- inch high definition screen from eight feet away. They also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in, and the camera installed is 5 megapixels and captures videos and pictures at 720p resolution. There is also a 16 GB of flash memory built into them, but actually only 12GB is used because 4GB is needed for the software. Basically Google Glass holds a little less storage than some IPods.

Google Glass Controversy

One of the major fears that comes to mind when contemplating Google Glass, is whether or not people will take undesired photos, or videos of you. There used to be an app on Glass where people could take a photo silently just by blinking, and Google soon removed it after many complaints. Facial recognition apps are also said to be removed. Someone has already been arrested for driving while using Google Glass (they were obviously distracted).

Release Time and Cost

Google Glass has surprisingly not been commercially released yet. It was supposed to come out in 2013, but was pushed to 2014, and has yet to be released. However, people who have signed up to the Google Glass Explorer program have been able to buy developer editions for $1500. Thankfully, consumer prices are said to be cheaper.

What do You Think?

Do you think Google Glass is a well- thought out idea? Do you believe it would be an invasion of privacy for people to have Google Glasses? Do you think Google Glasses could possibly affect the safety of other people, or conditions while driving?