The Movies

Last spring my friends and I went to see a movie together. You’re probably wondering why I would be writing about a movie I saw a year ago, but it really has more to do with what happened during the movie, and not the movie itself. It was a Sunday morning, so I went to church with my family and then got dropped off at the theater after the service was over. I was feeling nauseous that morning, but decided it wasn’t anything serious because I wanted to spend time with my friends. When I arrived at the theater I bought my ticket for the movie “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” and then proceeded to buy some popcorn. (No movie is complete without popcorn.) I met my friends and then we found seats in the crowded theater. There was not much room, so we couldn’t find any seats without ending up next to someone else. The woman there didn’t look particularly fond to be there with her four children, and it was easy to tell sitting next to another person didn’t help. The movie started, and I sipped soda and ate popcorn while watching. About halfway through the movie my mouth started watering which always happens right before I’m about to throw up. Before I knew it I was grabbing my empty cup that was previously filled with Coca Cola and filling it up with well… I’m pretty sure you can infer the rest. The lady next to me looked so disgusted that I started laughing hysterically while my friends ran to get my napkins. After it was all over, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up, and then went home.

Whenever I think about this experience I always laugh. I remember telling myself after it happened that I would remember it forever. Even though puking in a movie theater doesn’t appear to be very meaningful the entire incident really allowed me to lighten up. When I was in Elementary school I was always very afraid of what people thought about me, and making sure I didn’t embarrass myself. Currently, embarrassing myself has become a part of my everyday life. If you went through the pictures on my sister’s IPod you would probably find at least thirty involving me being caught off guard and making a really peculiar face. You probably wouldn’t even have to go through her photos, because she posts them all on Facebook. Thinking about it now the fact that I was so afraid of embarrassing myself was foolish. Being able to embarrass yourself isn’t something that everyone will allow themselves to do. Many people are just like how I was and worry too much about the way people perceive them. However, I’ve found that it just takes a huge weight off my shoulders not worrying too much about how people view me, and the majority of the time I just end up cracking myself up. At the end of the day people will be people, and the sad part is people will judge each other regardless. Embarrassing yourself doesn’t particularly mean that you make it a goal to fall down the stairs or vomit in a movie theater every day, it really just means being able to laugh at yourself, and not being too caught up with what everyone else thinks. After all, it makes life a much better experience to laugh at yourself instead of beating yourself up over something embarrassing that happened.