9 Things to do When You're Feeling Blue

As human beings there are all times in our lives when we feel down. All of these may not work for you, as we all are different, but I hope some of them may help you feel a little better when you are sad. :)


1.       Do something nice for someone else. The truth is, usually we are the most upset when we are thinking about ourselves. We tend to overthink the awful things other people have done to us, and it makes us feel even worse. Seeing someone smile can cheer you up, and have you focus on something else other than how you’re feeling.


2.       Listen to your favorite song. Music is a beautiful thing and can make us feel so much better. Sometimes turning up the volume all the way on your speaker and dancing around in your room can give you the boost you need to feel a tad bit happier.


3.       Spend time with someone you love. We can feel even more upset when we keep our emotions bottled up inside. Talking to someone who understands will take the weight off your shoulders. They may not understand your exact situation, but everyone has gone through sadness at a point in their life. Have a movie night with your mom, or maybe get together with one of your friends.


4.       Make a list of all the things you love. Sometimes we can be so sad to the point where we forget about the things that are important to us. Make a list of all the things you love and hang it up somewhere you will see it.


5.       Eat your favorite food. Treat yourself to a food you enjoy.


6.       Keep a list/photo album of funny memories or pictures. I have an entire file on my i-Pod devoted to images or memories that cheer me up when I am feeling down. Including the time I threw up in the movie theatre and got chased by goats.


7.       Simply smile. It may seem hard to put a smile on your face, but smiling can actually make us feel better.


8.        Plan a special event.  Go somewhere you enjoy with your friends. Some events may take some planning, (if you were to go to a concert for example) but even planning the event out may help you focus on something else.


9.        Know that it will get better. Last but not least remember to keep in mind that things will get better. The pain is only temporary, and there are always people who love and care about you that you can talk to.