Tuesday Afternoons

                The phrase “Tuesday afternoons” wouldn’t have had a special impact on me a year ago, like it does now. A year ago, newspaper club wasn’t a part of my life, and now I am happy to say that it is. Participating in this group has been a truly inspiring experience for me. Not only have I grown as a writer, (and received some serious grammar help from a great friend) but I have also had the pleasure of interacting with some great new people. As we met together each week I felt myself becoming increasingly comfortable with sharing my articles with the group. We all have different writing styles, hobbies, preferences, and perspectives yet we still managed to come together as a group to create something wonderful.

                There are many people that I would like to thank. First, are Mrs. Horwat and Ms. Andreski. Not only did you start the club, and help us with our writing, but you encouraged our creativity and allowed us to blossom as writers. You both made newspaper fun, and let us express ourselves the way we wanted to. When I first joined newspaper I had no idea that we would be able to do creative writing. Instead of just limiting our team to strictly school news you let us write about our interests. Thank you so much for having the patience and determination to make our newspaper a reality. I would also like to thank my group. All of you are great writers, and I am happy I got the opportunity to meet you all. Also, a huge thanks to my best friend Madison, (I mentioned her before) who helped me with the grammar aspect of my articles. (They would be a major mess without her!) Lastly, I would like to thank you, the readers. Even if you have only peered upon a couple of the newspaper’s articles, thank you for taking the time to read our work. I also appreciate all of the comments left on the articles. The feedback was very helpful, and nothing made me smile more than seeing a comment saying that someone enjoyed my writing. It was nice to know that some people were looking at the things I was writing.

                I am highly anticipating the high-school experience that awaits me next year. Even though I am scared and anxious to be leaving the middle school, I know that the newspaper is being left in great hands. If you enjoy writing don’t be afraid to join the newspaper next year! It is a truly amazing and fun experience from which you will grow. I know I did.