Justin S

Sup fellow newspaper readers! I am a 7th grader, and I am part of the HPMS newspaper team. I joined 1 month ago and have been patiently waiting every week for our meetings. Newspaper gives me a feeling that I can write my feelings down so other people can know more about me! I am the sports writer, but I also do Athlete of the Week! I like that newspaper has a no put-down rule. If your writing skills aren’t “good” then Mrs. Horwat will edit it for you which are very appreciated by many of us!

I have many interests I would love to share with you! One of my many interests is electronics! I have a tablet, computer, X-box, Wii, and Kindle! One of my favorite games on my tablet and computer is Candy Crush Saga! The game currently has 530 levels in the original world and 170 in the dream world! I am currently on level 51, but am still playing and advancing! I also have an interest for sports! One of my favorite sports is Volleyball! My team The State Farmers made it all the way to the semi-finals! I also like to take photos with the new camera I got for Christmas! I also like camping! My family and I have a new camper that we use all the time on campouts!

Well if you want to know more about my writing style then visit the sports tab on the newspaper and read some of my articles! Well until next time. .