Cat Communication

Hello, Animal Wiz here:

Did you ever think about what animals mean when they bark or meow or blub? Well, I have an idea. They are gestures or sometimes body language. Like for a cat, puffing up means back off! Right, well maybe not. Let’s find out as we go in to the life of sound, facial expressions and body language.


Cat Body Language


Well, when you’re playing with your cat, then you get up to walk away, and then you come back and he/she is hunched over fluffed up and hissing. Do you know what that means? Well I do. It means your cat is angry with something in the room or with you, but you do not know, so you go to pet it and it swats at you. Will you do it again? Well, I do not think you would, but if you do it’s your fault when you get a scar on your hand.


When you’re sitting on the couch with your feline friend, and your dog rolls around and walks up and comes and sticks its nose in your cat’s face, your cat hisses and will try to run from it. Well, a dog is big and frightening, so when it walks up to your small cat it will be scared and will want to hot- tail it out of there!




You come home from school, and you see your cat playing around with a ball or a small cat toy or paroling the house. He is happy, just as happy as you are to get home from school .The cat is happy and wants to play. If I were you, I would go play with your kitty.


Midnight: you get up and go to get a cup of milk and to check on your little friend, and he/she is rolled up on the couch. That means he is at home and happy, not up like the mobsters going to get him/her, just sleeping through the night.


Well that’s all the time we have for Animal Wiz; see you next time!