Lunch Face Off

STEAM! (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.) This is a collaborative working style for 8th graders in the middle school. We do STEAM challenges throughout the year. About 4 months ago we were working on the lunch challenge to see if we can make the school lunches better for kids now and in the future. We start off with our jobs such as buyers, marketers, nutritionist, and accountants. There are also specialty jobs which are market researchers and technology consultants. To get these jobs you needed to fill out an application saying why you want this job and what you know about it. For the buyer, their job was to put his/her feet into the shopper’s shoes and see what he/she would buy for the prices and how it looks. The marketer looks at what kind of brands are the best for children or anyone who eats school lunch.  The accountant looks at prices and looks at what is best and what is not. After getting all of your information, you start to make a three day meal menu and it must hold all the daily nutrition such as dairy, protein, fruits, veggies and grains but only three of them need to consist in the menu plan. Then you make a slide show or document…whatever you want to present your menu with. Finally we presented in front of the whole STEAM team and teachers.