Chloe W.

The Student Spotlight is Chloe W. I’ve interviewed Chloe, a 7Th grader in Holland Patent Middle School. She is 12 years old and her birthday is March 28, 2002. Her eye color is hazel, and she has a “brown speck” in one eye. Her hair color is brown and her height is 4’6”. She has four members of her family:  her mom, her dad, her four-year-old brother Eli, and her nine-year-old sister, Ali. She plays field hockey, which is also her favorite sport. Her favorite hobby is cheerleading, which she has done for two years. She has a fish, but her favorite animal is a tiger. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite color is purple. Her favorite season is spring/fall. Her favorite TV show is Liv and Maddie. When she has free time she goes outside to the park and she hangs out with her friends. She also does gymnastics like cartwheels, splits, handsprings, etc. Her best friends are Eileen S, Erin S, Angell P, Chloe W, Chloe C, and Tamar M. Her favorite school subject is ELA. When she’s older, she wants to go to college and study zoology. She also wants to own a zoo around her area. She sees herself as a nice and caring person, and she says she really doesn’t know but she is a really nice and caring friend, and human. Something that is interesting about her is that she and Tamar M. have been friends since pre-k and even before that. They are also cousins. Their parents grew up together.