No More Smartboards!

Get rid of the Smartboards please! I beg the teachers!

Ugh. Smartboards, how did we even get use to them? I do not like them anymore, I might have when we first got them in 5th grade but back then it was shock and awe. I’ve been wondering why we use them. WHYYYYYY STATE OF NEW YORK WHY!!!!!!!!!!

I went and asked the closest teachers to me- Miss Andreski and Mrs.Horwat on their opinions.

Miss Andreski enjoys using her Smartboard and thinks that “smartboards have a lot more options than a regular chalkboard.” She believes it gives you more options because you can change the color and color-quote information because many students are visual learners and with the chalkboard you can’t do that. She likes that she can project whatever the students are working on and that she can do it right with them on the board.

Mrs Horwat could never teach without them again, and she “thinks a teacher’s life before them was very complicated.” She says she cannot teach without it because she can print out everything on the Smartboard to people who were absent so they didn’t have to hand-copy their friends’ notes who may have not taken good notes. She especially likes how she can type the things she wants to type, and not write it and how she can move her sentences while she is teaching grammar instead of erasing and starting over.

Tyler (T-Bo) on the newspaper along with me says “Smartsboards are bossome*, they really help teachers teach so all the students don’t have to crowd around the computer.” Thanks T-Bo.

However, one of my colleagues on the newspapers disagrees. “What I think about Smartboards is that well…I just think the teacher’s words would come out more on a chalkboard because they’re writing it. Some teachers just copy and paste it from some website and also if they get a student could hack to the website and could just get the answers and write it down. Also with a smartboard you could be all ready for the day then…BLACK OUT IT ALL DIES GONE ZIP DEAD NOTHING. That would be pretty easy to happen, and also I forgot if it was but a country hacked into Del and deleted EVERYTHING and copied files as well and saved everything and that’s how stuff got out. Also I think it’s just easier for the students to write themselves and not write with those markers and you also have to collaborate and you CANT DO THAT with a Smartboard!” THANK YOU LAURA FOR BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO AGREES WITH ME! (:



*bossome = is boss and awesome