More dances!

I know, as a fact, most middle schoolers love the dances.  That is why I think we need more.  Each year, our school has, let's say, four to five dances, every one raising A LOT of money for the student council.  With that money, we have provided the TV in the lunch room.  If we have more school dances, we will have more money.  March 20th was our last dance (boo!).  And as ironic as it was, the Jr. High All County Chorus had a practice at the same time.  (Yes, I've tried to change the date of the dance).  So, as you can tell, I want to try to make at least one more dance so I, along with other people, can enjoy one last dance.  I think we can pull this off, so if you would, comment here with your opinions.  Do we deserve one last dance?