The Thunderstorm

The crashing thunder, the raging flash of light.

The patter of the rain, and the howl of the wind, is all that can be heard at night.

The crashing thunder sounds like a 30 car pileup,

While the flash of lightning gets pets and children riled up.

The patter of the rain is a drum roll to all ears,

and the howl of the wind is as if the gods can whisper.

To adults it’s an entertainment; to children it’s a fear.

Their screeching cries of horror aren’t music to anybody’s ears.

To think about how bad all of the children’s sound was,

Just imagine the barking of a million Chihuahuas.

While the children scream in horror, the grownups see it as a light show.

What is this majestic mystery of the sky? Maybe we will never know.

Maybe each flash of light is the clash

Of two gladiator swords during battle.

It could be that every blast of roaring thunder

Could be the strike of a bowler, Zeus perhaps?

Every drop of rain could be the teardrops of a god’s child

after scraping his knee on the sidewalk.

Perhaps the howl of the wind could be multiple gods

Whispering and whistling ancient secrets to one another.

Whatever the secret cause may be,

The grownups watch it with joyously,

And the children may think it’s horribly evil.

Whether it’s joyous or fills you with fright,

It will be gone by dawn, but will rage through the night.