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I suppose that it wasn’t wise to go to that party that night, but what choice did I have in the matter at all? None of course, it was my parents decision, oh such a wise decision it was. I’m being sarcastic, I hope you know that. But…I do suppose that it did have a good turnout…I did meet Xerxes Break after all, and I suppose that was good, or decent at least.

…{Clearly thinking it over}

Yes, I suppose it was a good thing I went to that party that night, even though it was the night that I saw my sisters last. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t see them for a long, long time.

 “Must I go?” one of my sisters grumbled and muttered, “Yes,” I replied, putting a brush through her thin locks. “You don’t think they’d forget about me and I can stay here?” she looked at me hopefully but I simply smiled at her and shook my head. Aurora had just turned 15, though she was a small thing of 160 centimeters or 5 ft and 3 inches, but she was pretty where it counted.  Light blonde hair, brilliant blazing blue eyes, light skin, more than once have I seen men throw themselves at her feet, then often I must have pulled her away before anything else could happen. She may have been small, but she was the second oldest of us three. I was the eldest at 19 and a half, Aurora second at 15 and our last sister, Alyssa was 14.

She pouted, then turned back to the vanity mirror, Aurora was prideful, but she was not vain. I would have rather die than be stuck with a vain sister. Her pride had annoyed me often enough but I was thankful she is not vain. I set the brush down and styled her hair so it would go down in soft waves over her shoulders. “Thank you Sister. You should get ready now,” I considered it, I too was going to the party, Alyssa was already ready and I must get ready before half past 7, when we were leaving.  “True, I will see you downstairs Aurora,” I stepped out of the room waving a graceful butterfly wave, as I turned around I heard something Aurora called after me something that sounded like this; “Of course it’s true, I said it!” I smiled and laughed and walked down the hallway and slipped into my room at the end of the hall, the last room on the left.

Once in my room I allowed the smile and the laugh to fade, as I brushed my hair, I thought of my sister’s hair, it was thin and easy to brush. While my own hair was very thick and got knotted easily, how annoying it was, but it was pretty and my mother insisted I kept it long. After brushing my chestnut brown hair, I braided it in a loose French braid and picked out a white dress in my wardrobe and found my scarf and black ribbons.

I dressed only in white, black, or green, colors I was very fond of. I walked downstairs and passed my younger sister, Alyssa who was wearing a light emerald green dress; she was sketching at the moment and I went to sit in the library until it was time to leave. It took an hour or two and I lost track of time. I took a short nap before Aurora shook me awake me and dragged me to the carriage. Then, with some help of getting in and settling in, we were off.  I looked back only once as we turned the corner. It was the last time I’d ever saw my home ever again.

Alyssa and Aurora made small talk as Alyssa sketched and I gazed out the window, watching silently, bored, I suppose of everything. The ride took no time at all as we lived close to the Mansion. Once we are at the party, the three of us spread out and lost one another. I personally lingered, dancing every song or so with some person who asked me randomly. After the dance I’d sit down, and watch until another waltz came and I’d accept the invitation out of boredom.

Nothing happened that was too interesting until the next 3 songs had passed and a waltz was starting to play. I had closed my eyes and I did not see him approach me. “Oh my~ What is a young lady such a beauty as yourself sitting here all alone?~” I opened my eyes after hearing a smooth, yet raspy,  taunting like voice in front of me, and that’s when I met him. Xerxes Break, for the first time ever. Of course I didn’t realize at the time he’d later save my life multiple times.

My first thoughts about him? I thought he was odd. He had a blue/pink/ginger doll perched on his shoulder that had a grin, he was wearing a dark purple shirt with dark purple necktie and a white jacket that handed loosely and covered his hands, he had a cane on his back and a little small flat tin bucket attached to the jacket and he wore white boots as well as brown trousers. He had light lavender hair that looked white and one red eye; his bangs covered his left eye, with a Cheshire cat smile on his lips. So yes, I thought he was odd; I was blind at the time. I looked at him, simply tilting my head, not replying.

“Well?~ ~” I was still trying to figure out whether he was flirting with me or not. I blinked my eyes at him as if bewildered, “I’m alone, and bored.” I replied smoothly after another moment. He smiled, and then bowed “Then~ My Lady, shall I have this dance?” He offered me his right hand and without even a second thought I took it and he pulled me into the waltz. He danced well, as did I, I was a good dancer by nature, a gift I suppose.  After the waltz he bowed and took his leave “Good Bye Kalyssa!~ ~” he calls and exits the room with a small girl, she only looked about 13, he must have been escorting her. I blushed, I was embarrassed I believe.

I didn’t realize until afterwards that we never introduced ourselves, yet he already knew my name without me even telling him. The only way I found out his name was what I found, tucked in my pocket, a small card that had written on it “Xerxes Break 106-299. Call me.  P.S the doll’s name is Emily.” It was written in neat cursive but it was written quickly. I concluded his name was Xerxes Break.  I doubted at the time I would have ever meet him again or see him again, let alone call him.

I forgot to tell you what the party was about. We were representing out parents, the Stephon family, and attending the Coming of Age ceremony of Oz Vessalius. He was 15, and doing the Coming of Age ceremony I was forced to do 4 years ago, when I was 15. My parents had hoped to betroth him with one of us, manly Aurora as they were the same age. They looked like a good match, and I liked the boy, I had met him before and he was very nice and kind, a bit amusing but sweet. Aurora would have liked him very much, though I hoped at the time she’d get to pick her suitor.

The ceremony went well until Oz had to take his vows at the ‘silent clock’, where he swore to attend his duties to serve his country and his family well. The silent clock hit midnight and started to ring. Then everything went dark. Everything seemed too happened so quick, but I remembered a legend I used to tell my sisters to scare them into behaving. “When the silent clock sings the messengers of the Abyss will come to cast the person into the Abyss.” I whispered in a raspy voice, “Oh God” and that’s just what they do. Cast him in the Abyss, forever. Then they disappear, as with most of the people were on fire by then and dying; to cover their tracks, get rid of the witness. I ran to find Aurora and Alyssa but someone had knocked me down and my head hit the cold tiled floor. Everything goes black…

I was barely conscious when someone poked me in the side, I hissed at them and got a sharp poke again. I opened only one eye, vision still blurred but I made out a red eye stared at me. “Ah!~ She’s awake!~ ~ ~” I’d recognize that voice a mile away.  Xerxes Break had found me, again. “Goodness, is she alright? I’ll pour another cup of tea” I heard a sweet young voice speak, I heard someone move and the sound of tea being poured into a cup. I opened my other eye and I saw that Break was leaning over me, he was grinning the same smile as before. I was on the bed and he was learning over me “Ah!” My hand shot up and smacked him square in the face, he fell backwards. “That hurt Kalyssa!!” he whined like a child as I groaned and sat up slowly, everything ached, especially my back and my head. Break cradled his cheek which had a hand/slap mark on it. He was wearing the same outfit as before, and yes including the doll.

On a couch across from me is a girl with very light brown hair and pink eyes, she held a tea cup and wore a purple dress with a beautiful pattern on it,  “Hello Darling.” she smiled at me. “Hello…where am I?” I look around, and strained my neck looking around. “Rainsworth Manor,” Break pouted on the floor and stood. The girl stood and curtsied, “I am Sharon Rainsworth, granddaughter of the head of the Rainsworth Family.” “…Hi.” I faked a wave and attempted to stand before falling down. Break put me back on the couch, waving his finger back and forth at me. “No, No You naughty girl!~” “Where are my sisters.” I hardened my eyes at him, turning it to a glare.

For a while there was no answer. Break wouldn’t look at me and just walked back to Sharon, he instead stabbed a small little cake-thing with a fork at the table and ate it. Sharon frowned. “Where are they?” I demanded, I feared hearing the answer. “Kalyssa…” Sharon started to talk but I cut her off, “Where are they? I need to know.” I never was very close to my sisters, but I still loved them, I want to know where they are, I need to. I’m supposed to protect them. “Kalyssa…” Break said softly and I glared at him with harsh blue eyes.

“They’re gone.” He said in a solemn voice and that’s when, for the first time in a long time, I simply just closed my eyes and cried. My sisters were in the Abyss, could this get any worse? No. It did, the laws of irony saw I jinxed it and slammed me with more despair. No more than 5 minutes later the news was told to the Rainsworth Family. My parents had been murdered. Great. Just great. I lost what little I had left all in one night.  I forgot to even say goodbye to my parents and now they were gone and dead. I cried half the night away, with Break and Sharon next to me. Break comforted me with small tricks, showing me how he could go into a cupboard then disappear then appear under the desk and with sweets as well, he has a lot of candy. He’s going to get diabetes later in life I swear on it.  While Sharon read me a couple paragraph of her favorite book and poetry, which was very nice, the girl has good taste I must say. I swallowed some saliva, “So…I can’t go back, so now what.” I whispered, and then Sharon and Break looked at each other, they whispered in a small huddle. I couldn’t hear them. I didn’t care either. Then Break stood and held out a little necklace thing with a strange symbol that looked like a strange heart thing. “Well, you already saw a chain, the Bloody Black Rabbit, and the Crimson Shinigami’s and Griffon, you must be curious ~ I want you to join my staff and work for Pandora! ~” Break announced.

I blinked, “Um. Sure” and then Sharon and Break explained to me what Pandora was, the legend of the Baskervilles and this so called ‘Glen’ and the Abyss with a couple of books. “So basically…the Abyss is a world like our own world that contains monsters, or ‘chains’ that humans can contract with illegally or legally with and they’re live for either 11 hours, days, months or years?” “Yep! ~” Break stabbed yet another piece of candy “Yes, and a chain contracted legally freezes your body in time, it can be very handy sometimes, I’ll admit. Kalyssa, you need to get a chain to be able to defend yourself.” “…Alright..?” I just rolled with it.


That’s only the first chapter in my book, the first page or so. Things don’t get interesting UNTIL I made a contract with the White Knight Albus. Seeing Break’s reaction to my choice in chain…was interesting, as Sharon explained it. But I must bid you farewell, for now, Farewell.*bows*


I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Kalyssa, and until the next chapter *bows* Sayonara.