I Take a Step



I take a step

Hold my breath

Not knowing,

What is left

I take a bow

And clasp my hands

Imagine a beach

With Crystal sands

It may sound


Yet this love that I am


Stops the joy of it

You were once…

My best friend

You were once…

My family

You were once…

The odd one out


Despite all of the down sided sadness

And the words that

Set me off

You are…

My best friend

You are…

My family

And you are still…

The odd one out

He might not understand

That you are gone

I guess             that’s just for the best

But I miss you and so do the rest


It’s so hard to let go…

But, so you know I love you so


You are still with me.



-The Outcast

I love you



                                                                                                                   Love your old owner, and family