Holland Patent Girl’s Modified Volleyball Team

Spiking and digging. These terms are part of volleyball if you knew these you know volleyball if not; volleyball is a sport in which two teams are divided by a net. In this unique sport the object is for your team to reach 25 points. You can receive a point if the ball touches the ground on an opponent’s side. The 3 most basic and common techniques or ways to achieve this is bump, set, or serve. There are also more complex ways such as spiking and digging. Spiking is using one hand to hit the volleyball down hard on the opponent’s side.  

       The girl’s representing Holland patent actually had to face tryouts (due to a large number of possible players). This is unlike most of the fall sport players. Most fall sport players were just happy enough people wanted to be on the team so they could qualify for things such as games or meets. The potential volleyball players weren’t so lucky. The tryouts were very scary and rather intimidating for new players. “I was nervous on day of tryouts” says a member of the Holland patent girl’s volleyball team “there were at least 8 veteran players”. Almost all the other athletes felt the about the same way.

Now though the girl’s season has already begun. The first game was on November 14, 2014. This game was a win the score was 4-1. The second game is currently scheduled to be on November 19, 2014. Hopefully this game will be a win. Everything is going well so far this season. Some of the comments from players this year include “I love my position the most” and “the uniforms are good.” 

*If you would like to learn more feel free to ask the coaches or members of the team.  The coaches this year for the Holland patent volleyball team are Mr. Judeware and Mr. Nichols.