Tyler Z.

T-Bo’s Self Blurb (a.k.a Tyler Z.)


Hey, if you’re in the sixth grade, then you probably know me already. But, if you’re in seventh or eighth grade and want to know about me, then keep readin’.

I got short and VERY dark blonde or blond (I don’t care how you think it’s spelled so just follow along) hair. My eyes have got to be one of the darkest shades of blue ever. I am only 4’11 so don’t expect me to be the tallest kid in the sixth grade wing. I have a very creative taste of art, such things include writing, drawing, trick shots while shooting hoops (behind the back board, eyes closed, etc.), and sometimes song writing. I also play basketball, and you can always find our team playing on Saturdays, but only if it’s a school week, not on vacation. I wanted to join newspaper club because I wanted to share my comics with the rest of the school. I joined in November of 2014, and have been to almost every meeting I could. Outside of school, you could find me playing the best card game in the world Magic: the Gathering, glued to my T.V. (on most occasions), or on my bike, cruising down the street. My favorite colors vary from reds to blues to blacks to turquoises. Another place you could find me out of school is the public library in Holland Patent or Whitesboro.

If you would like to know more, leave some comments or see me in person during the switching of classes or fifth period lunch. Either way, I am happy to answer any questions you have for me. This is T-Bo, signing off.