Hello! Readers, must I say I am proud that you people are still reading my articles. Yet! I will still write to my zero fans I have.  This is what we call a blurb, yes a blurb. I’m a huge fan of anime, also manga. I watch a lot of it on Hulu, also Netflix. Any who I thought I could talk about myself. I love animals, like cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, ducks, pigs, and goats! Also I love gardening. I think it gives people a shot to go outside and get a good work out, and then you see your final work and maybe even eat what you grew! Most of my work on the Newspaper will be mostly animals and how to care for them but you will come over a few other things. I mostly focus on Hamster Hideout and Animal Wiz… well, good bye loves~ ‘til next time!