The First Time In Forever

This is a day of no other, September 2, and I am off to my step mom’s friend’s house to pick up my small pet. This all started when I was about 6 years of age and I wanted a hamster, but my mom said that I was too young and they were just too small Well, that’s the time I got my cat but that’s not my story. 6 years later I am now 12 and a failing student in school…Bad I know, right?!  I kept bringing up to my mom that I wanted a pet and she said, “Laura, if you want a hamster you have to get good grades!” I took the deal and by the end of the school year I passed! So we went to Pet Smart to get a hamster. I got all of my things for my small friend.  In total cost it took out $123 out of my pocket. That may seem like a lot, but I got the best brands for my hamster. After that, I picked out my hamster. I looked at how they acted and what they looked like. Most of them seemed mean except one which was playing in his small tank and I smiled and picked him out. Then I brought him home and that day I had to go to my dad’s house, because I switch houses. After I left, I was worried for my friend. I called every day and when I called on Friday, my mom was crying because she had went to feed my hamster and I guess he passed away. The reason for his passing was out of my hands and I was pretty sad. I made a spot to bury him and his name was Mr. Fluffy Pants R.I.P. A few months later my step mom mentioned that her friend’s son’s hamster had babies and she showed me a picture. Now if you look at your thumb nail, that’s about how big they were. They could fit as a bookmark in your book. I smiled and nodded and a few months later I was ready to get my hamster!