Dreams Fulfilled

   Hello readers, it’s time for another Hamster Hideout. I know I had left you off with the story of me getting my new hamsters, so I shall start with that… it was almost the end of summer (:c) and I was in the car with my step sister and her boyfriend on our way to Rome to get my hamster. When we got there we were greeted by my step mom’s friend’s two huge dogs, and the ear bleeding noises of her green parrot and her white cockatoo. We got a short tour of the home. She had snakes, mice, cats, dogs, birds, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and my hamsters! When we were shown the hamsters, they were so small! About 3 inches long and not even 1 inch wide! (^V^) At first I was only planning for one hamster baby but my step mom said, “you should get two to keep one another company because you’re gone for a week at a time.” I was worried at first, not because I could not handle them but because with hamster gender comes a great responsibility.  For example, 2 boy hamsters will kill one another if left together. I sat and looked at them for a good 30 minutes until I saw that there was only one brown/tan one.  I knew I needed that one so I picked him/her out first. Then I had looked for the other.  I saw him/her, the white runt, 2 inches long and not even 1 inch wide, and I fell so in love with that one so I picked him/her. Happy as I was, I paid the ten dollars and we said our “goodbyes” and went home. As soon as I went home, I took them out and put them in their twenty gallon tank, which is where they wriggled and ran into the little hideout I had for them.  I then sat and watched. I would watch them night and day to figure out names for them, and then it hit me! The brown/tan one would be Cinnamon and the white one, Apple. I told everyone in my house and they all liked the names. Well, I guess that was enough for now, till next time loves~

(p.s.~ the reason I named them Apple and Cinnamon is because the first treat I gave them was a pet “apple and cinnamon jack” treat)