School closed? Here's how to access our amazing digital resources!

Posted by Julie Horwat on 3/16/2020

Students have digital access to databases loaded with educational texts, videos, interactive materials, and more!  Students will have a copy of the handout with all of the usernames and passwords and such sent home with them.  Here’s a link if you are looking at this digitally: Digital Library Resources Flyer  Because this has passwords on it, it can only be accessed by someone logged in with their hpschools gmail account. 

Monday and Tuesday, Week 1.  We can deliver library books along with the other student materials.  Please use Opals (Hpschools>Departments>Library>Click on the picture of the library) to find books in our library, and email with requests.  Mrs. Horwat will send the books along! (No limit at this time).  

In student email accounts, students can search for “Overdrive” for step-by-step instructions on how to access our e-books and audiobooks, readable/playable on any device!  Use this time to catch up on your reading!