Winter Holiday Choice Board

Posted by Julie Horwat on 11/30/2020

Learn about various Winter Holidays with this new Choice Board!  Students (and teachers and parents) can learn all about the holidays here and abroad with crafts, videos, song, and interactive (and some MULTI-MEDIA) e-books!  

How it works:  Click on the holiday that interests you.  Click on the activities that interest you.  Click on the picture of the house to return to the first page (if you want to explore another holiday).  

If you choose a Brainpop video, be sure to "log in with Google".  

Winter Holiday Choice Boards (updated for HP!) 


If you have any trouble accessing any of the items, please email me at   If you enjoyed any of it, please let me know in the comments!  


Credit:  This Choice Board is a modified version of Shannon McClintock Miller's Holiday Choice Board.  She is my librarian hero.