Ebook and Audiobooks on your devices

Posted by Julie Horwat on 5/17/2019

With Overdrive, the ebooks and audiobooks are available to one user at a time, so they're not always available.  If you're waiting on title, don't forget that we have access to some amazing e-books and audiobooks, for free, through our TumbleBooks (elementary) and TumbleBook Cloud subscriptions!  Access this via Search for Success through your school library's OPALS catalog or through SNAP directly.  The cool thing about TumbleBooks are that they can be accessed by an entire classroom at the same time (no need to wait!).  


What if we have an ebook version of a book, but your student needs to have it read aloud?  The student can use their device or the computer's text-to-speech functions.  This video here is my favorite source for how to get texts read aloud on your phones, and it works well with any e-books, websites, or even text messages, including TumbleBooks and Tumblebook Cloud.  Give it a try!