Transportation Information

  • As school transportation continues to be rated by the National Highway Safety Administration as one of the safest forms of transportation in the United States (8 times safer than the automobile), we encourage everyone to take the safer way to school by riding the school bus.

    The opportunity to ride a bus is available to all students eligible for bus transportation, but is accompanied by a responsibility to make each trip as safe as possible.  In order to maintain a high level of safety while efficiently transporting students, our drivers must have the cooperation of both the students and parents.  If the rules listed are followed, the driver can concentrate on their primary job - safe driving.

    For further information and answers to your concerns, please contact the transportation department at (315) 865-4103.

    Bus Rules

    • The bus driver is in charge.  Respect your bus driver and fellow students.
    • Go directly to your seat and remain there while the bus is in motion.  It is appropriate for three to sit in each seat, being careful not to block the aisle.  Keep body parts inside the bus.
    • No fighting, tripping, shoving, use of profanity, loud talking, horseplay, or behavior which might divert the driver's attention is permitted.
    • No bullying on the school bus.
    • Keep the bus clean and care for bus equipment.  Emergency doors and windows as well as other bus equipment are to be used only when appropriate.
    • Hold backpacks, bookbags and instrument cases while on the bus.  Do not leave them in the front of the bus or in the aisle.
    • Food and beverages are not to be consumed on the bus.
    • Glass containers are strictly prohibited.
    • You may not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.  Use of cell phones or pages on the bus is prohibited.  Inappropriate use of these items will be dealt with according to school district policy.