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    Building Principal:  Ms. Lisa Gentile
    Dean of Students: Mr. Michael Sinacore
    Building Secretary:  Mrs. Christine Strzepek
    Middle School Phone Numbers:
    Main Office (315) 865-8152 
    Nurse's Office (315) 865-7224
    Guidance Office (315) 865-7204
    Fax (315) 865-8978

National Junior Honor Society Induction

  • National Junior Honor Society Induction

    On November 1, 2018, 43 outstanding 8th grade students were inducted into the Holland Patent Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  The National Junior Honor Society was founded in 1929 to recognize students who excel in the categories of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  In addition to recognizing students for their achievements, being a member of the organization also challenges students to develop themselves further through active involvement in service to the school and community.  Congratulations to all new members!​

    Cecelia Allen, Molly Bathrick, David Bolin, Brooklyn Boshart, Gavin Boshart, Tanner Boshart, Wyatt Brennan,  Briana Byers, Emily Carlson, Logan Cudam, Margaret Cummings, Matthew DePerno, Julia DeWire, Isabella Dobransky, Ava Dornburgh, Abigail Draper, Jillian Enk, Caleb Fisher, Deron Howe, Mary Anna Ivlicheva, Andrew Kanclerz, Zoe Kelly, Jordan Koenig, Kamryn Kotary, Sierra Laguna, Matthew Lux, David Mathewson, Dylan McGuire, Alex McLaughlin, Jane Napoli, Emily Nunes, Madison Oliver, Danielle Pilatzke, Margo Pouliot, Everet Race, Julia Racha, Marissa Shuck, Isabella Stalker, Adam Stowell, Cadence Torres, Madison VanDresar, Andrew Yutzler, Jonathan Zylinsky.

7th Grade STEAM Shoe Design Challenge

  • After the 7th grade class attended the Manufacturing Day Fieldtrip to SUNY POLY on October 12th, 2018, students were given a manufacturing STEAM challenge where they had to design a shoe. Groups of 4-5 students determined a problem with a type of shoe, brainstormed and developed solutions thinking about materials they wanted in the shoe, created and sketched, redesigned and re-sketched a group prototype. Groups created a company name, company logo, cost of the shoes, determined strengths and weaknesses with their design, listed materials and features of their design and some groups even created an ad slogan. Groups shared their designs to the other groups and teachers.

Student Explore AR/VR Tools

  • Students are learning about Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools in their "spare" time!

Welcome to the Makerspace

Important Safety Information for Visitors

  • At Holland Patent Central Schools, the safety of our children is a top priority.  In response to global events and parental concerns, we have joined many other districts in our area to take a proactive approach to safety. All main entrance doors are secured and equipped with a security camera.  Admittance to the building will be permitted through a door bell/buzzer system. 

    The following procedures have been implemented: 

    •   Upon your arrival to the main entrance, please ring the door bell.
    •   Visitors will be required to identify themselves and state their purpose for entering the building.
    •   Additional information may be required prior to entering the building.  
    •   In the event that the system is disengaged during school hours, there will be an individual assigned to the main entrance. 
    •   The building is closed at 6:00 PM unless prior arrangements have been made for community events, sporting events, or any other event.  

    This system has been implemented to secure the building while maintaining a single point of entry in order to create an optimal learning environment.  We appreciate your support as we continue to promote the safety of children. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 315-865-8152.




  • Friday, October 12th is Purple & Gold Spirit Day!  Show your school colors with price!

    MS Student Council is holding a dance this Friday, 10/12.  The dance will run from 7-9 PM and admission is $3.   Hope to see you there.

    The School Store is open in Room 223 every morning before 1st period.

Student Created Podcasts

Think it, Build it, Share it!

  • The middle school Maker Space is a space that students can sign out of study hall to go work on projects such as 3D printing, building circuits, and programming.
    The theme for the MS Maker Space is Think it, Build it, Share it!  
    The Maker Space is looking for donations of materials.  If you think you might have items to donate, please email Mrs. Smith (ssmith@hpschools.org) to see what items are needed.  One thing for certain, the Maker Space is always in need of Legos!

Upcoming Events

    • Middle School Picture Day is Wednesday October 10th
      Re-take Picture Day is TBD


Our Commitment


    The faculty, staff, students and community of the Holland Patent Middle School are devoted to academic excellence and the growth of individual strengths and talents. Our school will provide a friendly and supportive environment, where individual differences and respect for the rights of others guide school and community behavior.