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    Building Principal:  Ms. Lisa Gentile
    Dean of Students: Mr. Michael Sinacore
    Building Secretary:  Mrs. Christine Strzepek
    Middle School Phone Numbers:
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2017 Summer Reading Program

  • HP Summer Reading 2017

    Be a summer reader and participate in the middle school's summer reading program.  Click on the link on the left for more information!

Pop of Color –Figure Drawings

  • 7th Grade art students used their observation skills to explore how to draw from life and how to complete a figure drawing. Students also learned about value, shading, and contrast.

STEAM Team Hosts Tuskegee Airman

  • Herbert Thorpe

    The 8th Grade STEAM team hosted Mr. Herbert Thorpe, a Tuskegee airman. Our 8th graders heard living history about Mr. Thorpe’s World War II experiences and his encounters with racial discrimination during his lifetime. His brother, Richard E. Thorpe, also a Tuskegee airman, was killed in Italy in April 1945. Students wrote excellent questions for Mr. Thorpe. They asked about what he thinking as he flew the planes. What were the conditions like while training, and how long did training take? Did he enjoy the freedom of flying, and did he ever race his plane? What was his most rewarding experience? How did his family feel about him being a Tuskegee airman, and how did he deal with the war when he returned home? Students also asked about his treatment as an African-American. What was his opinion on civil rights today? Tuskagee Airmen The students were very attentive and found the talk interesting.

    Mr. Thorpe was born in Brooklyn, New York and resides in Rome. He worked at Rome Air Development Center on the Griffiss Air Force Base as a radar research engineer. Mr. Thorpe was presented with the first New York State Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award in 2012 and the Rome Historical Society 1777 Medal of Honor Award. He is also a Charter Member, Secretary and past President of the Rome Branch of the NAACP.
    (Photos from www.romesentinel.com and www.mohawkvalleyhistory.com)

8th Graders at Beaver Camp

  • 8th grade camping trip 2017
    The 8th Grade Camping Trip is our way to say farewell and good luck to our exiting 8th graders. The students and select faculty and high school senior volunteers/counselors pile into buses and drive to Beaver Camp in Lowville for three days of traditional and not-so-traditional camping activities. We canoe, swim, do high and low ropes courses, and hike. We cherish the trip just as much as the students who will remember it for years.  Click on the above image to view all the great photos!

7th Grade Face Lab

  • Face Lab The 7th grade Life Science students worked in pairs, flipped coins to pass traits onto the offspring determining genotype.

    Students individually drew and colored the phenotypes for their offspring. Students were able to share their offspring on the due date.

MS Athletics

  • Five girls attended Futures this off season. USA Futures is the Olympic development program for field hockey. Madeline Acevedo, Justine Draper, Anna Healey, Hanna Corrigan, and Ella Buchanan all participated from January until May. They then participated in a Regional tournament---also a try-out for the next round of play. We believe this may be the first time HP has had athletes selected for the next round. 

    Hanna Corrigan was selected to participate on the U14 team and Ella Buchanan is a U14 alternate for the 2017 National Futures Championship in Lancaster, PA, June 23-26. 

    The Citi National Futures Championship, presented by Harrow Sports, is the premier championship event for USA Field Hockey's Futures Program, the sport's Olympic Development Pipeline. Held annually in late June since 1990, NFC brings together the top female field hockey players selected from more than 5,000 athletes across nine regions. These athletes were selected based on their performance at their respective region’s Regional Futures Tournament.

  • STEAM Presentation
    As part of the STEAM program, each week a group of 8th grade students  present "The Best Week Ever," a review of the previous week, along with a preview of the upcoming week's activities. 
    Jonathan Schmitt, Thomas Breil, Emmalee Howard, Caden Foote & Susan Tolbert put together the first STEAM presentation for the year.
    The group also introduced the current STEAM task - setting up and managing the business end of a recreation center. 
    Part of the STEAM program is to promote the use of technology.  This team chose to create a quiz in the app Socrative.  Students were provided with iPads to complete the quiz.

8th Graders Visit SUNY Poly

  • On November 18th, HPMS 8th graders spent a day on the SUNY Poly campus. During the morning session, students visited about 15 different stations where they participated in STEM activities. SUNY Poly students guided the 8th graders in lessons on drones, robotics, electronics, RC vehicles, virtual reality, computer programming, and many more topics. After eating lunch in the campus student center, the 8th graders took a tour of the campus guided again by SUNY Poly students. Everyone enjoyed the day and learned a lot about all the opportunities available. Special thanks to Mrs.Tina Betz, the K-12 STEM Outreach Coordinator at SUNY Poly, and all of the college students who helped throughout the day.

National Junior Honor Society Inducts New Members

  • National Junior Honor Society new members

    On November 3, 2016, 30 outstanding 8th grade students were inducted into the Holland Patent Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  The National Junior Honor Society recognizes students who excel in the categories of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  Congratulations to all new members!


Coding at the Middle School

  • Holland Patent Middle School students are participating in the Hour of Code again this year.  Last year, MS students wrote a total of 6601 lines of code.  Lines of code (LOC) is a "metric used to measure the size of a software program by counting the number of lines in the program's source code."  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_lines_of_code)   How does 6601 LOC compare to sofware programs?  Well, for example, the Microsoft Windows operating system has approximately 50 million lines of code!
    As a student, if you participated in the HOC event,  you can continue working through the Code.org by following these directions:
    go to:  https://studio.code.org/sections/YYXNMM

    Click on your name, then enter your secret words.  Once on the website, you can continue the activities.  If you would like to participate but don't have a username or secret words, please stop in to see Mrs. McNamara.

Engaging Learners with iPads

  • Students in Mr. Riemenschneider's 8th grade SS class present research projects via iPads apps and Web 2.0 tools.  Hover over images to enlarge.

    The faculty, staff, students and community of the Holland Patent Middle School are devoted to academic excellence and the growth of individual strengths and talents. Our school will provide a friendly and supportive environment, where individual differences and respect for the rights of others guide school and community behavior.  

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Visitor Information

  • Important safety information for visitors:
    At Holland Patent Central Schools, the safety of our children is a top priority.  In response to global events and parental concerns, we have joined many other districts in our area to take a proactive approach to safety. All main entrance doors are secured and equipped with a security camera.  Admittance to the building will be permitted through a door bell/buzzer system. 
    The following procedures have been implemented: 

    •   Upon your arrival to the main entrance, please ring the door bell.
    •   Visitors will be required to identify themselves and state their purpose for entering the building.
    •   Additional information may be required prior to entering the building.  
    •   In the event that the system is disengaged during school hours, there will be an individual assigned to the main entrance. 
    •   The building is closed at 6:00 PM unless prior arrangements have been made for community events, sporting events, or any other event.  

    This system has been implemented to secure the building while maintaining a single point of entry in order to create an optimal learning environment.  We appreciate your support as we continue to promote the safety of children. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 865-8152.




Think it, Build it, Share it!

  • The middle school Maker Space is a space that students can sign out of study hall to go work on projects such as 3D printing, building circuits, and programming.
    The theme for the MS Maker Space is Think it, Build it, Share it!  
    The Maker Space is looking for donations of materials.  If you think you might have items to donate, please email Mrs. Hasseler (ehasseler@hpschools.org) or Mrs. Smith (ssmith@hpschools.org) to see what items are needed.  One thing for certain, the Maker Space is always in need of Legos!

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Upcoming Events

Hooked on Reading!

    Hooked on Reading

What's New in the Libary?

  • Mrs. Horwat teaching
    Have you checked out the Library Media Center recently?  Mrs. Horwat has some new books you might be excited about!  There are also Nooks and Kindles available for loan. (You will need to have submitted your permission slip.) 
    Book Club/Lit Circles are meeting and you are welcome to join!
    Have you read any good books lately?  If so, create a book trailer to share your thoughts.  Need help?  See Mrs. Horwat or Mrs. McNamara.
    Looking for a book to read?  Mrs. Horwat will surely be able to help!

Need Supplies?

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