Technology Skills and Responsibilities

  • Once you've mastered the basics of operating a computer or mobile device, it's time to take those skills and apply them to the digital world.
    This means:
    • Being a responsible digital citizen - protect your online reputation, defend yourself against cyberbullies, protect your identity, be respectful to  others, etc.

    • Understanding how to work online to create and share new ideas.

    • Locating and evaluating information online.

    • Following copyright laws.

Vision Statement


    The Holland Patent Central School District is committed to providing a
    learner-centric environment that empowers students to reach their ultimate potential. Together w
    e will build a community of learners who adapt to and innovate in our dynamic world.   We will each be prepared to be life-long learners and solve real-world problems in and outside the walls of our buildings. We will recognize challenges as opportunities to grow.  As risk-takers and flexible learners, we will celebrate opportunities for learning, mobile and otherwise, and utilize all resources available to develop critical thinking strategies, problem solving skills, collaboration tools, and adaptation to change within the framework of a positive social consciousness allowing everyone to thrive in a global society.