Principal:  Mr. Russell E. Stevener Jr
 Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Ms. Tamara Barbour

Building Secretary:
Mrs. Regina Narbone
Contact Information:
Main Office (315) 865-8154
Attendance (315) 865-7292
High School Fax (315) 865-4069
Guidance Office (315) 865-4102
Athletic Office  (315) 865-7273
Nurse's Office (315) 865-7234
Cafeteria (315) 865-7242
Pool (315) 865-7255
Music Office (315) 865-7229

Culinary Students Attend Convention

Culinary Students

Summer Gleba-Hoyt and Will Wuest along with their instructor and a few other students from local schools placed second at a pro-start convention in New Rochelle, NY. They competed against other culinary programs throughout the state and were the first junior class to ever compete. Congratulations!

Congratulations To Rebecca Darling

Rebecca Darling
Congratulations Rebecca Darling on your induction into the
National Technical Honor Society for the Equestrian Science Program!
Student and Teacher Art Show 
in recognition of Youth Art Month 
 at show
Evelyn Rickert, grade 11 and Emily Boulerice, grade 10 are Holland Patent's featured student artists in this year's Madison - Oneida BOCES sponsored teacher and student art exhibition. Their artwork is on display along side that of Mrs. Spine and Mrs. Grower. The show is being held at Artistree Studios and Gallery at 205 W. Dominick Street in Rome until March 25.

Breakfast Vending at the HS

After exploring several ideas in an effort to provide breakfast meals at the high school we have installed a vending machine to solve two key issues; to serve students a healthy and USDA compliant breakfast in a shortened time period and do it without involving the added expenses of extra staff and equipment of a traditional serving line.

The vending machine interfaces with our NutriKids Point-of-sale (POS) system the same way the registers do in the traditional serving lines. Cashless vending machines allow the student to enter a PIN to make their selection. This is important because it allows all the benefits of going through the lunch line and using their lunch accounts for the purchase. Furthermore, and most importantly, if a student is free or reduced, they will be able to enjoy their benefits at the vending machine as well. FREE AND REDUCED MEAL BENEFITS ARE IN EFFECT THROUGH THE MACHINE FROM THE HOURS OF 7:00AM – 10:35AM ONLY. ANY PURCHASES MADE OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS WILL BE TREATED AS ALA CARTE AND ACCOUNTS WILL BE CHARGED THE NORMAL SELLING PRICE.   As always with free and reduced accounts, the first meal is free or reduced and any other purchases would be charged to their account accordingly. Charging to a negative balance will not be allowed at the machine. If you have a negative balance the vending machine will not allow the purchase.

Hunger leads to distraction during learning times. Offering breakfast items in the vending machine will give hungry kids the opportunity to eat before class starts and in turn be more focused on classwork without being distracted by a growling stomach.

The Food service team is excited about this new endeavor and confident that we can obtain our goal of feeding more kids and giving them the fuel they need to start the day.  In the process, we hope to serve as a model for other schools in the region experiencing the same sort of struggles with regards to offering a breakfast program. For more information about the vending machine please refer to their site -

Don't Be a Distracted Driver - It Can Wait!

Take the Pledge to not text and drive -
Distracted driving is never ok.
Explore the facts from Verizon about tech and driving -
To view tips and videos from students' presentation, go to our It Can Wait page here.
No Post is Worth a Life.  
Curb the urge to text and drive.  AT&T DriveMode silences message alerts and auto-replies when you're driving to let friends and family know you can't respond. For more information and to download the app:
360 Experience Simulations - view the real consequences of looking at your phone while driving.
Students - Download one of the apps that prevent texting while driving and Mr. Stevener or Officer Copperwheat will give you an It Can Wait bracelet as a reminder to not text and drive.
Try the It Can Wait Texting and Driving simulator here:  


Freshman Seminar Course

Freshman Seminar is a year-long course designed to help  incoming freshmen manage the academic rigor and social issues of high school.  This course covers various study skills, note-taking, test-preparation, research procedures, and reading and writing strategies. Students learn and practice organizational skills that they can apply to all their classes, as well as life experiences.

Freshman Seminar also addresses social issues that affect freshmen as they begin to explore high school and post-secondary planning. Freshman Seminar is designed to help students during their transition to high school – its academic and personal demands – and help ensure their educational success.

HP High School

Sunny Studying!

high school courtyard

Success is the Only Option

At Holland Patent High School
our students will be
college and career ready
by the time they graduate.

  • Holland Patent High School rated a High Progress School
    by the State Education Department of NY.
     Criteria set by the State Education Department:
     High Progress – High School

    Performance Index – the school’s combined ELA and Mathematics Performance Index places it among the
    top ten percent in the State in terms of gains between the most recent assessment data and the data from the prior year.
    Holland Patent School District rates in the top two schools in Oneida County for graduation rates at 97%.
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HPHS Students Attend Inauguration

HPHS Students Attend Inauguration
HPHS Students Attend Inauguration  
It Can WAit  
Don't Be a Distracted Driver - Links to safe driving apps for your mobile device:

Our Mission

Holland Patent High School will be a positive, stimulating environment in which all may develop Holland Patent High School Mission Statement the academic and social skills for reaching their potential as productive responsible citizens in our ever-changing world.