Message from Mr. Evangelist, Superintendent of Schools

  • Dear Holland Patent School District Residents,

    As the 2018-19 school is right around the corner, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our wonderful students!  Over the summer vacation our team has been working extremely hard and we are ready to continue the important work of our school mission - to provide the means for educational development of all students within the district to reach their fullest potential.

    This summer,our $4.95 Capital Project has been progressing nicely.  The lights have been installed, the sod has been laid down and the new track will be installed in September.  Along with the work outside, we have installed a new ventilation and air condition system in the weight room; added a new handicap accessible shower room in the weight room, and also a new dishwasher system in the Middle School kitchen.  Along with the on-going work of our Capital Project, our buildings and grounds and custodial teams have been working hard to make sure our buildings are safe, clean and welcoming for our students and staff as they return.  Our buildings will be ready for Opening Day due to the hard work of our incredible secretaries, guidance counselors, transportation department, business office, food workers, teachers and administrators!

    Over the summer, our teachers and staff have been participating in the most up-to-date and leading edge professional development opportunities.  The professional development experiences have ranged from learning about a new reading approach in our elementary schools to enhancing our curriculum in the secondary levels.  Through these experiences, we feel confident we will continue to not only meet the needs of all our students, but also provide them with unique and highly enriching learning experiences.

    During the 2017-18 school year, the New York State Board of Regents amended a section of the Commissioner's regulations relating to the minimum instruction requirements for State Aid.  Based on the amendment to the regulation, the current daily minimum instruction for elementary is 900 hours and for secondary is 990 hours over the 180 days.  With the amendment, we have adjusted the High School and Middle School start times.  The High School schedule will run from 7:34 AM - 2:11 PM and the Middle School will run from 7:37 AM to 2:20 PM.  The schedules for GWF and HPE will remain the same.

    This past school year we celebrated the amazing careers of several of our team members who retired from the Holland Patent School District.  These dedicated individuals devoted their lives to the students, families, staff and community of the Holland Patent School District.  We would like to express our sincerest and deepest congratulations to Bill Bailey, Pamela Donovan, Sue Ellis, Rita Goodhines, Nedra Isenberg, Jeffrey Roberts, Christine Walker and Marsha Zomro.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us!

    I feel a renewed sense of excitement for the 2018-19 school year because of the energy our students, staff, parents and community bring to the district.  Holland Patent CSD is what it is today because of those who live and work in our community and the students who care about their school.  When a community has pride in the school district, students, faculty and staff are able to reach their fullest potential.  I look forward to the work we will accomplish this year.  Go GOLDEN KNIGHTS!

    As always, thank you for your continued support.


    Jason P. Evangelist,
    Superintendent of Schools


2018-19 Budget Message from the Superintendent

  • Dear Holland Patent Central School District Residents,

    The 2018-19 Holland Parent Central School District proposed budget presented to our community represents months of thoughtful and careful planning by the Board of Education and administration. This budget serves as a fiscally responsible spending plan that not only continues to provide the wide-range of learning opportunities and experiences for our students that our community is so very proud of, but also supports the many other components that make our District great. We believe this budget will support our dedicated and compassionate staff in providing engaging learning experiences for our students in a comfortable, safe and encouraging environment, while allowing them to reach their fullest potential and grow as caring, confident and compassionate individuals. 

    On March 21, 2018, the Holland Patent Board of Education approved the 2018-19 proposed spending plan of $34,508,432. This amount represents an increase of 2.28% over last year’s budget. In order to keep the spending at this level, all areas of the budget were diligently examined to protect our overall program and keep the best interests of our students as the top priority.

    The proposed budget continues to support the great things happening at all grade levels of our district, as illustrated below.

    High School

    • Holland Patent will continue to be one of the area’s top high schools in terms of the amount of dual-credit college courses that are offered. We collaborate with Syracuse University and Mohawk Valley Community College to provide concurrent enrollment offerings in math, English, social studies, business, technology and art.
    • The high school also continues to provide numerous career exploration opportunities, including Career and Technical Education programs at the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES, SABA job shadowing and the Regional Program for Excellence.

    Middle School

    • The District’s Strategies That Engage All Minds (STEAM) initiative will continue at the Middle School. STEAM is designed to deliver collaborative learning opportunities involving science, technology, social studies, English and math.
    • Classroom activities encourage development of 21st century skills and build connections to real world issues. The STEAM initiative includes
      flexibility of scheduling to allow for more meaningful classroom experiences. The benefits of STEAM include understanding connections between subjects, relating course content to the outside world, growth toward college and career readiness, improved leadership skills and character development.

    Elementary School

    • The 2018-19 proposed budget will support the new writing and reading initiatives that are underway at the elementary schools. We are quickly becoming a leader in our area by implementing new, student-centered reading and writing approaches as well as instructional programs that are structured around our students’ individual learning needs. Through the use of a workshop model, we are able to provide individual learning experiences for our students that allow them to work at their instructional levels while also being challenged to grow.
    • The proposed budget supports early intervention at our primary levels, which allows our youngest students to receive additional academic support to strengthen their foundational skills as soon as they begin their education.

    Other Areas

    • This 2018-19 budget also allows the District to enhance our safety, security and health measures by providing a safe and well maintained transportation fleet, well-kept buildings and grounds and healthy and nutritious meals for our students.
    • Our district recognizes that extracurricular activities are a great source of pride in our community, and the proposed budget continues the tradition of athletics, clubs and other activities that enrich our students’ learning experience.

    As you know, the Holland Patent Central School District relies heavily on state aid. In addition to our state aid, we are asking the community to consider a 3.13% increase in the tax levy, which is our allowable tax levy limit and meets the District’s requirements for homeowners to qualify for the New York state tax relief rebate check. All additional revenues come in the form of operating grants, shared services, collaboration with BOCES and other miscellaneous sources.

    In addition to voting on this year’s budget, we are also asking you to consider several items:

    • Purchase New School Buses
    • To Authorize a Student Member on the School Board as an ex-officio, non-voting member
    • Board of Education Election (1 Seat available)

    I want to thank everyone in advance for your consideration of the proposed 2018-19 school budget. We are very fortunate to have such a committed community that supports our District. We greatly value your continued dedication to the Holland Patent Central School District.

    With Appreciation,

    Jason Evangelist,
    Superintendent of Schools