• Superintendent's Corner


    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, healthy and Happy Holidays to all our families during this Holiday Season. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends and enjoy each other’s company.

    Since my time as part of the Holland Patent Team, the support that the Holland Patent Learning Community provides to our District is outstanding. The compassion, dedication and willingness to help our District is extremely appreciated.

    District Update

    We have had a great start to the school year and are looking forward to all the great feats we will accomplish as a Team in the 2017-18 school year! Our new Syracuse University Project Advanced English class at the High School is off  to a great start off ering a new rigorous curriculum for our students; our District’s Writer’s Workshop initiative at the elementary level is providing a new consistent approach to writing; and our STEAM Team at the Middle School is providing innovative ways to engage our students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music. We also have had a wonderful start to our Athletics Program. We are very proud of our athlete’s accomplishments and also the guidance and mentoring our coaches provide our athletes! Additionally, we are preparing for the initiation of our District’s Capital Improvement Project and also anticipate the fi nal approval for our Smart Schools Bond Initiative from the New York State Education Department in early Spring.

    State Education Department Releases Revised Learning Standards

    In September, the Board of Regents approved the new Next Generation English-Language Arts and Mathematics Standards. The new standards, created in collaboration with educators, parents and instructional leaders, are a revision of the New York State Learning Standards and will provide better support for educators and prepare our students to become life-long learners. The roll-out of these new standards will occur over a 3-year period and will not be fully implemented until the 2020-21 school year.

     Some of the signifi cant changes to the ELA standards include:

    • Add Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers
    • Merge the Reading for Information and Reading for Literature standards
    • Convene the New York State Early Learning Task Force
    • Revise the Grade-Level Reading Expectations for the Text Complexity
    • Revise the Writing Standards
    • Reduce the Number of Anchor Standards
    • Create a NY-Specifi c Introduction on How to Use the Standards
    • Ensure Literacy is Included in the Content Areas

    Some of the signifi cant changes to the mathematic standards include:

    • Move Standards to Different Grade Levels
    • Provide for Students to Explore Standards
    • Clarifi cation of Standards
    • Add and Consolidate Standards
    • Maintain Rigor of the Standards
    • Create a Glossary of Verbs

    Additional information regarding the new Next Generation ELA and Mathematics Standards can be found at: http://www.nysed. gov/common/nysed/fi les/fact-sheet-examples-revised-standardsmay-2017.pdf

    Capital Project

    The Capital Improvement Field Project will begin construction this upcoming Spring. The main scope of work for this project will include enhancements to our High School athletic field, which will include:

    • A new track with updated field event locations
    • A reconstructed natural surface playing field
    • LED field lights
    • ADA compliant bathrooms
    • New irrigation system

    During the construction of the playing field, we will be relocating the Track Team for the 2017-18 spring season and the football Team for the 2018-19 fall season. We will also be adding new ADA compliant bathrooms to the High School and making improvements to the middle school cafeteria.

    Smart Schools Bond Initiative

    We are anticipating approval for the Smart Schools Bond Initiative, which will provide the Holland Patent Central School District with approximately 1.4 million dollars dedicated towards technology improvements. The funding will be utilized to upgrade the District’s infrastructure, which will increase our connectivity and allow the District to provide 1:1 technology for every student within the school day. The bond will also allow us to replace outdated security cameras and upgrade door security at several locations throughout the District.

    As you can see, working together as the Holland Patent Learning Community, we will be successful with all of the initiatives we have in front of us. The encouragement, compassion and confi dence you instill in our Team will provide our students with meaningful experiences as life-long learners in our District. Thank you for your continued support!  Go Golden Knights!




Construction Updates Summer 2016

  • We started the school year with many projects in progress!
    Some highlights are as follows:
    HPE/GWF Roofs were re-done
    MS Auditorium is done
    MS second floor lockers are installed
    The HS and HPE were repaved.
    Bleachers and Press box are completed.
    HS offices are almost completed.  
    The generators at HPE and the HS are installed
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the district office.
    A special thank you to our custodial crews and maintenance department!