• Superintendent's Message

    It is with great honor and privilege that I welcome the Holland Patent Learning Community into 2017 as the Superintendent of the Holland Patent Central School District. I am very invigorated and excited to be part of the Holland Patent Community and look forward to leading the District on a continued path of greatness! The Holland Patent Central School District mission clearly articulates the belief that all children will reach their fullest potential in a dedicated and professional learning community that will collaborate with the District to accomplish this. As Superintendent, I will strive to diligently guide this collaborative effort to continue to help make this a reality.

    On behalf of the Holland Patent Central School District, we have the responsibility of providing a safe and nurturing environment which fosters student growth by meeting the individual needs of all our students. By working together as a learning community and fostering such an environment, we can continue to make a positive difference in each child's life.

    In order to achieve this goal, it is essential as the District leader that I provide every opportunity to create an atmosphere of teamwork. Therefore, I am dedicating my transition into the District to creating meaningful relationships with the Holland Patent Learning Community. Working together and establishing these relationships, we can build an honest, transparent and a collaborative culture that will focus and dedicate our energy and collective ability to achieving our mission, "It is the philosophy of the Board of Education of the Holland Patent Central School District that the fundamental purpose of the School District and all of its resources is to provide the means and educational development of all eligible students residing and/or enrolled within the district to reach their fullest potential. District schools will act as dedicated, professional partners with the home and the community in the development of each student in mind, body and social consciousness.

    With your support and collaboration, we can build meaningful relationships that will continue to move our District in a positive direction. Through these relationships, we can continue to focus on decision making that is in the best interest of our children.

Construction Updates Summer 2016

  • We started the school year with many projects in progress!
    Some highlights are as follows:
    HPE/GWF Roofs were re-done
    MS Auditorium is done
    MS second floor lockers are installed
    The HS and HPE were repaved.
    Bleachers and Press box are completed.
    HS offices are almost completed.  
    The generators at HPE and the HS are installed
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the district office.
    A special thank you to our custodial crews and maintenance department!