Message from Mr. Evangelist, Superintendent of Schools

  • Dear Holland Patent School District Residents,

    On behalf of Holland Patent Central School District, I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.  Please enjoy this special time of year with your families and friends. 

    I am thankful for the collaboration and partnerships we have developed throughout the years to support the growth of our students both physically and emotionally.  This alliance extends beyond the classroom and into the community.  Whether attending district events or providing families with holiday meals, the Holland Patent Community is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of our students and families.  Thank you. 

    District Update

    The 2019-20 school year is off to a great start. We have many academic accomplishments and achievements we are proud of.   The high school and  middle school have inducted 33 members into the National Honor Society and 35 members into the National Junior Honor Society respectively.  This is an incredible feat and certainly is recognition of the work ethic and motivation of our students and the support and guidance from our staff and families.  At HPE and GWF our students are becoming authors and publishing pieces of writing that are meaningful to them.  Our staff celebrate this great work and encourage our students each and every day to become better writers.

    In addition, we had a very successful fall athletic season.  The commitment of our athletes and the support of our coaches and families provided the perfect environment for our Golden Knights to excel during the season and represent Holland Patent during the postseason.  I cannot thank you enough for the enthusiasm our fans showed throughout the entire season. 

    Capital Improvements

    We are near the completion of our SMART Schools Bond initiative which has provided us with upgrades to our wired/wireless network and security throughout the District with additional cameras and building security enhancements.  The $9.839 Capital Improvement Project planning is progressing and we are on target to begin the site work this spring.  We will also be completing some flooring replacements at the middle school and window replacements at the high school.  The first full season of competitions at our athletic facility at the high school was very successful.  Thank you to our community for your support and your attendance at our new facility. 

    Participation Rates in the NYS Assessments

    As you are aware, each spring the grades 3 - 8 English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics and Science assessments are administered to students across NY State.  The New York State Assessments measure how our schools and District are progressing with the learning standards and the necessary skills to be successful in college and career.  The assessments are a federal requirement and a 95% participation rate is required for each District.  Currently, we are at 62 percent.  In order to meet the federal  requirement, the New York State Education Department has: decreased the amount of testing (days and questions); eliminated time constraints; increased teacher involvement with reviewing and creating questions and removed all employment related consequences for teachers and principals.  The results from the assessments, along with our other District assessments and measures,  plays a vital role in evaluating our overall instructional program. As a District, the data helps us assess our instructional program and guide our curriculum, academic interventions and professional development.  The increase in participation rates supports our high graduation rates. 

    As a District we take tremendous pride in the opportunities and experiences we provide students, families and community of Holland Patent.  This is made possible due to the trust and confidence we have with each other which makes for a strong partnership.  Your dedication and commitment to the District is truly appreciated.  Go Golden Knights!



    Jason P. Evangelist
    Superintendent of Schools