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    Erotosthenes Award Winners!!!
    Congratulations to the Purple Lab winners of the Erotosthenes Award for most accurately calculating the circumference of Earth. Students used GPS coordinates and paced the distance between 2 points and, with some simple geometry, estimated the polar circumference of our planet. The Purple Lab had a percentage of error of 1.4 The class earned a "Half Moon" party for their efforts.
  • STELLA!!!

Apparent Diameter

  • Grover

  • Solar Bag

            50 FOOT SOLAR BAG!!! 

  • at altitude

    You will need the following for Regents Earth Science with Mr.Della Posta:

    Notebook - whatever type you like and are comfortable with.

    2 Pocket Folders - one for class work and one for lab.

    4 Function Calculator

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