•  9th grade class:

    New News ~

    We will be selling out of the "Sparkle and Shine" catalog. This catalog has a little something for everyone. 

     **The profits made will be going toward the CLASS OF 2023.  Freshman and Sophomore year is for collecting as much of a profit as possible so that there is enough funds in the bank for junior prom, senior ball and senior trip expenses. (which can be very expensive)  

    The orders and money are due on Friday the 15th of November.  Please turn in to Mrs. Cardinal in the office.  

    Checks made payable to:  HP Class of 2023


    ~ Thank you for helping us achieve this goal. ~


    Officers:  Please listen to announcements for day and time of our next meeting.  It should be around the 20th of November.






     ~ Class of 2023 Officers:

    President:         Molly Bathrick

    Vice President:  Andrew Kanclerz

    Treasurer:         Izzy Stalker

    Secretary:         Wyatt Brennan

    Reps:               Sierra Laguna, Marisa Shuck, Angela Jones