• Business/Technology Overview

    Students who are interested in Business may enroll in Accounting or Computer Applications and Concepts (MVCC IS101). Computer Applications and Concepts (MVCC IS101) is a Mohawk Valley Community College course that is offered at the high school. Students will earn 3 college credits upon successful completion of (MVCC IS101).

    Students who are interested in Engineering/Technology may enroll in Introduction to Engineering Design (IED/DDP), AutoCAD (MT240), Advanced AutoCAD (MT251) or Advanced Engineering Design (IEDII).  AutoCAD (MT240) and Advanced AutoCAD (MT251) are both Mohawk Valley Community College courses that are offered at the high school. Students will earn 3 college credits per course upon successful completion of (MVCC MT240) and (MVCC MT251).



    Course Descriptions



    This course will focus on the recording, summarizing and analysis of business transactions. The student will learn how to generate and interpret financial statements, prepare individual tax returns and gain insight into the world of finance. Accounting/Finance touches every aspect of our lives in one way or another and this course provides the how and why. This is a must-course for students pursuing a business career in post-secondary study.

      Computer Applications and Concepts (MVCC IS101)

    This Mohawk Valley Community Course provides knowledge of relevant computer skills and a solid foundation in the terminology and concepts of computer use. Experience is provided with a variety of software applications including word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, file management, and integrated software. Concepts and terms focus on preparing for a technologically oriented society and using the computer as a tool for productivity, research and communication. Students will earn 3 college credits.

    Introduction to Engineering (IED/DDP)

    This course allows the student an opportunity to apply creative thinking, decision making and problem solving skills to develop solutions to design problems. The student will utilize 3D software throughout the course. IED/DDP may also be taken to fulfill the NYS graduation requirement for art/music.

      AutoCAD (MVCC MT240)

    This Mohawk Valley Community College course covers the use of CAD software to prepare two dimensional engineering drawings. Emphasis is placed on the hardware, command entry, display, draw, editing, layers, plotting, settings, savings, dimensioning, and proto-drawing set-ups. Exposure to other software used in conjunction with AutoCAD is included. Students will earn 3 college credits.

      Advanced AutoCAD (MVCC MT251)

    This Mohawk Valley Community College course presents advanced AutoCAD software and concepts. The basics of menu customization, system setup and 3D techniques, presentation graphics, rendering, and solid modeling are stressed. It includes selected concepts and techniques that become available as a result of new software releases and refinements.

      Advanced Introduction to Engineering (IEDII)

    This course is intended for the student who is interested in a more in-depth study of Engineering Design and Drawing. Students will continue to utilize both 2D and 3D software. Emphasis is placed on dimensioning, working drawings, parts lists, and assembly drawings.