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BOE Mission Statement

"It is the philosophy of the Board of Education of the Holland Patent Central School District that the fundamental purpose of the School District and all of its resources is to provide the means for educational development of all eligible students residing and /or enrolled within the district to reach their fullest potential. "

Please Note Date Change

Due to unforeseen conflicts, the date of the HS Spring Concert has changed from Thursday May 25 to Thursday May 18. The time is still at 7:00 PM and the location is still the same.

NYS Scholarships for Free Tuition

Check New York State's Higher Education Services website for information about free tuition scholarships and private college awards.


Storm Stella Heroes

Mike Gillette
Mike Gillett accepts a Knightly Award from Avery Crossley on behalf of the maintenance staff (Kyle Kennerknecht, Robert Shepard, Jeffrey Cardinal and Michael Gillett) for their valiant hard work with snow removal during Winter Storm Stella.  Their dedication to the District is greatly appreciated by all!

Makerspace Hosts Visitors


On Thursday, March 30th, over 35 NYS master teachers from the Mohawk Valley Region visited the Holland Patent Middle School and participated in an interactive tour of the Makerspace. Stacey Smith, a middle school science teacher and master teacher, hosted the event. Teachers from the Emerging Technologies PLT demonstrated and shared lessons using drones, 3D printing, LittleBits electronics, Arduino and Raspbery Pi microcomputers, and an iPad augmented reality app.

The HP Middle School Makerspace has been open for business for the past two years. Throughout the school day, students can sign out of their study halls to visit the maker space. Each month, students experience a different project challenge in the maker space, allowing them to acquire skills needed to use technology equipment. The Friday afternoon Maker Space Club allows students more in-depth experience with these challenges. Time is also available for free exploration and creation.

The NYS Master Teacher Program celebrates the work of the highest-performing STEM teachers by establishing a community dedicated to developing expertise in the areas of content, pedagogy, and students’ families and communities. The Mohawk Valley Cohort is based at SUNY Oneonta.


HP Sets Example With Breakfast Vending

After exploring several ideas in an effort to provide breakfast meals at the high school we have installed a vending machine to solve twoBreakfast vending machine key issues; to serve students a healthy and USDA compliant breakfast in a shortened time period and do it without involving the added expenses of extra staff and equipment of a traditional serving line.

The vending machine interfaces with our NutriKids Point-of-sale (POS) system the same way the registers do in the traditional serving lines. Cashless vending machines allow the student to enter a PIN to make their selection. This is important because it allows all the benefits of going through the lunch line and using their lunch accounts for the purchase. Furthermore, and most importantly, if a student is free or reduced, they will be able to enjoy their benefits at the vending machine as well. FREE AND REDUCED MEAL BE
NEFITS ARE IN EFFECT THROUGH THE MACHINE FROM THE HOURS OF 7:00AM – 10:35AM ONLY. ANY PURCHASES MADE OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS WILL BE TREATED AS ALA CARTE AND ACCOUNTS WILL BE CHARGED THE NORMAL SELLING PRICE.   As always with free and reduced accounts, the first meal is free or reduced and any other purchases would be charged to their account accordingly. Charging to a negative balance will not be allowed at the machine. If you have a negative balance the vending machine will not allow the purchase.

Hunger leads to distraction during learning times. Offering breakfast items in the vending machine will give hungry kids the opportunity to eat before class starts and in turn be more focused on classwork without being distracted by a growling stomach.

The Food service team is excited about this new endeavor and confident that we can obtain our goal of feeding more kids and giving them the fuel they need to start the day.  In the process, we hope to serve as a model for other schools in the region experiencing the same sort of struggles with regards to offering a breakfast program.

This initiative was recently highlighted by the FoodService Director website.

Violin Virtuosos in Training

Violin Virtuosos in Training
The Board of Education members, administrators and guests were recently treated to a violin demonstration from Mrs. Marlenga's second grade students.  The students shared the musical talents they are developing in Ms. Chudow's music classes. 

HP Readies for Nano Technology

HPCSD is forging a partnership with the Marcy Nanocenter at SUNYIT to prepare our students for careers in the field of nano technology. 

Alicia Dicks,  of the Fort Schuyler Management Corporation and Elizabeth Rossi, of SUNYIT, recently spoke with the HP Board of Education and visitors about SUNYIT's "Quad C" Project, the Computer Chip Commercialization Center, located in Marcy.

New opportunities for students at HPHS  - Mrs. Hasseler is teaching a Nano Physics lab based course to expose students to the skills needed for a job in this field. In addition, Mr. Andrews is teaching a nano technology course and two levels of introduction to Engineering and Design. Click here for more details.

For more information about the Marcy Nanocenter at SUNYIT - http://www.marcynanocenter.com/

Area News Updates:


Attention Drivers:

As spring finally arrives bringing us beautiful weather we also have more walking traffic in parking lots, at outdoor athletic events and at other outdoor activities.  We have recently seen some hazardous driving in our parking lots and on school grounds. 
To keep children and families safe we need your help:
  • Please obey all traffic signs and laws
  • Remain focused on the road at all times
  • Attend to other traffic and pedestrians while driving
  • Remain in the proper lane while driving through the parking lots
  • Use the proper entry/exit
  • Drive slowly
Please practice these safe driving rules while on school grounds.

HP Alma Mater

Though we’re but a country high school,
Our name unknown to fame
To our colors we are loyal,
Our heritage we claim;

We defend the gold and purple,
Wherever we may be,
Our hearts forever faithful
To the old school in H.P.


The purple hue is royal,
The gold is pure and fine,
And both are king’s apparel
Ordained by word divine,

Therefore, royal are our colors,
To them we true must be,
To show we love and honor
The old school in H.P.


 Mission Statement

Website Accessibility Notice

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Guide to Upstate School Districts



Based on four years of test data from the New York State Department of Education, Business First has rated the academic performances of 36 public school districts in the Utica-Rome Area, which consists of school districts in Herkimer, Oneida and Otsego counties.  Business First analyzed four years of test scores and graduation rates for eligible public school districts. Its 168-part formula covered everything from statewide English and math exams for third graders up to the full array of Regents exams for high schoolers.

Holland Patent is proud to be among the top ten districts, ranking #8!


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