• Dear Holland Patent Central School District Residents,

    Over the past several months, the Holland Patent Central School District’s Administrative Team and the Board of Education have been collaborating on creating a District spending plan, which offers challenging, innovating and rewarding opportunities for our students. This plan will allow us to provide our students with educational experiences that support student growth and the development of all learners. With this budget, we have a fiscally responsible plan in place that not only meets the needs of our students, but also supports our compassionate, highly dedicated and gifted staff that strive each and every day to provide our students with the means to grow at their own pace and reach their fullest potential.

    At our March Board of Education Meeting, the Board approved a proposed 2019-2020 spending plan of $35,256,643, which represents a 1.96% increase over our 2018-2019 school budget. We were able to keep such a minimal budget increase over last year’s budget by working with all departments and school buildings and to carefully review and plan the components of their programs/departments that continue to keep the best interests of our students and the community at the forefront.

    The proposed budget for the 2019-2020 school year supports various opportunities happening throughout our District, as described below:

    High School

    • The high school has created a highly engaging and collaborative learning environment for our teachers and students through the use of Students and staff are engaging in high-quality instruction and accessing content rich resources through the implementation of Google Classroom and the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative.
    • Through our collaborative partnership with BOCES and higher education institutions, the Holland Patent High School is offering our students opportunities to explore career-related options that support their career plans and also provides them a head- start for success upon

    Middle School

    • The Middle School supports the foundational skills necessary to help our students prepare for challenging opportunities as they progress through the middle-level curriculum through accelerated language offerings (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French), math offerings and also begin their five-year science track with accelerated
    • The proposed budget will support a full-time social worker to help address the mental health needs of our grades 6-8 adolescent With increased social work support, we will be able to implement more resources to meet the needs of our students and make community connections for our families.

    General William Floyd and Holland Patent Elementary

    • Through the dedication and hard work of our elementary staff, General William Floyd and Holland Patent Elementary have become the leaders in our region in the implementation of a new reading and writing workshop We have seen our students become more confident authors, as reflected in their work. We have also seen an increase in their reading fluency from previous years.
    • The proposed budget also supports our students’ mental health needs with more social work support focused on our primary This support is crucial as we continue to focus and foster our students’ social and emotional well-being.
    • The proposed budget will include a capital outlay project at GWF to replace flooring with funding we receive from the state each



    • The proposed budget supports our robust extra-curricular program that offers our students a wide-range of experiences, ranging from athletics to gaming to the fine arts. We are very proud of the opportunities we have to actively engage our students’ interests and enhancing their talents through creative and competitive
    • We will continue to offer our students and staff with a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment to succeed by providing our students safe and reliable transportation to and from school, clean and safe buildings to work in and healthy and delicious meals to provide them the energy to concentrate and learn.
    • This budget also supports two full-time Special Patrol Officer positions who are part- time armed, trained and sworn members of the Sheriff’s Office that are assigned throughout our District to provide safety and security to students, staff and

    In addition to the state aid we receive to support the operation of our District, we are asking the community to consider a 2% increase in the tax levy, which is under our allowable tax levy limit of 2.43%. The 2% tax levy meets the District requirements to allow homeowners to qualify for the New York state tax relief rebate checks. In addition to the state aid and local share, we also receive additional revenue sources through shared services, operating grants and other miscellaneous sources.

    On May 21, 2019, we are also asking the Holland Patent District Community to consider supporting a $9.839 million proposition for a Capital Improvement Project focused on the enhancement of our District’s infrastructure and safety and security measures. This project will

    have no marginal increase on the taxpayers as this project will be replacing retiring debt. We will be receiving approximately 83% state aid reimbursement to help minimize the impact on future budgets and our local share.

    A few highlights of the project include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating secure entries for General William Floyd, Holland Patent Elementary and Middle School
    • Door hardware replacement at all buildings for classroom security
    • Security camera installations
    • Roof, floor and window replacements
    • Bathroom renovations for ADA compliance
    • Plumbing, water line and drainage upgrades
    • Above ground diesel tanks
    • Replacement of zone fire alarm These items were generated from our District Long Range Facilities Plan, which is updated yearly in consultation with our District Architects, Operations and Maintenance Department and District Administration and the Board of Education. The Long Range Facilities Plan represents many years of careful planning to maintain our facilities and provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and community.

    In addition to voting on this year’s budget, we are also asking you to consider several items:

    • Board of Education Election (1 Seat available)
    • Authorize 3 New School Buses for $392,800
    • Authorize a $9.839 Million Capital Improvement Project to focus on safety, security and infrastructure

    We want to extend our sincere appreciation to the outpouring of support and trust we receive from the entire community. Your commitment allows the Holland Patent Central School District Team to not only execute the District Mission, but do so with great pride. Go Golden Knights!

    With Appreciation,