• Dear Holland Patent Central School District Residents,

    Through months of collaboration and careful planning, the Holland Patent Central School District Administration and Board of Education have created a fiscally responsible 2020-2021 District Budget, which keeps the best interests of our students in mind, while also continuing to provide a robust instructional program focusing on the intellectual and development needs of our students.  With the many challenges we are facing, we believe this spending plan supports our programming and the dedicated and highly talented staff we have in place to provide the fulfilling and enriching experiences our students and community deserve.   

    On March 4, 2020 , the Holland Patent Central School District Board of Education approved the 2020-2021 spending plan of $35,256,643, which represents a 0% increase over last year’s budget.  In order to maintain a 0% increase in spending over last year’s budget, every area of our budget was carefully examined with our building principals and department heads with the goal of protecting our overall program and keeping the best interests of our students as our top priority.

    The proposed budget will continue the District Mission of”…providing a safe, caring and positive environment where all students can achieve their maximum innate potential and acquire the skills, attitudes and abilities necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.”  In support of our Mission, we will have various experiences occurring throughout our entire District:

    Elementary School

    • The proposed budget will continue the focus of providing unique academic interventions at all levels, with a primary focus on early intervention.
    • This 2020-21 budget will maintain our focus on our long-range plan of enhancing our students’ reading and writing skills through a workshop-model approach and foster their growth as authors and instill the confidence to share their work with others.

    Middle School

    • The proposed budget will provide our students with the prerequisite core and accelerated classes to guide their preparation for high school, and their desired track to graduation, college and career.
    • The 2020-21 budget will also allow us to continue meeting the social and emotional needs of our students through our Pupil Personnel Services support.                                           

    High School

    • Through collaboration with our local higher education institutions, the proposed budget will continue our tradition of being a regional leader in offering our students various dual-credit courses. 
    • The proposed budget will continue to provide our students with various social and emotional events to prepare them for beyond their educational careers and expose them to multiple experiences they will encounter in the next phase of life.


    • The proposed budget will offer our students and staff with a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment to learn, safe and reliable transportation to and from school and events, clean and safe buildings and classrooms to work in and nutritious and delicious meals to provide them the energy to concentrate on their instruction.
    • The 2020-21 budget will continue the support of our technology initiatives, our extra-curricular opportunities through athletics and fine arts programs and District and building safety enhancements with our Special Patrol Officers and our Capital Improvement Projects. 

    In support of the proposed spending plan, the District is asking the community to consider a 1.83% tax levy, which is our allowable tax levy limit.  All additional revenues come in the form, shared services, collaboration with BOCES, operating grants and other miscellaneous sources.  As you are aware, the District relies heavily on state aid and any future reductions in state aid through the Governor's Office will have an impact on our program.

    In addition to voting on this year’s budget, we are also asking you to consider several items:

    • Purchase new school buses
    • Establish a Capital Reserve to fund in the future
    • Authorize a Student Member on the School Board as an ex-officio, non-voting member
    • Board of Education Election (1 seat available) 

    I want to thank you in advance for your consideration of the proposed 2020-2021 school budget.  Further explanation of the budget components are contained within this newsletter.  As always, if you need further details, please contact the District Office.    

    We are facing an unprecedented health crisis that has influenced every component of our lives.  We are very fortunate to have an incredible Team in our District to help our students, families and community through this crisis.  Every individual on our Team has played an integral role and that is what makes the Holland Patent Central School District such a great place to be.  Golden Pride is strong!  Go Golden Knights!

    Jason P. Evangelist,
    Superintendent of Schools