Principal:  Mrs. Kristin Casab GWF

    Secretary: Ms. Carol Garrett
    Phone: (315) 865-5721

    Nurse:   Ms. Alexis Barretta, RN
    Nurse's Phone:  (315 865-7266 

    Mailing Address:  

    9601 Main Street,
    Holland Patent, NY 13354

    Street Address:
    State Route 365, Stittville, NY
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2nd Graders Present the Book Creator App

1st Graders Visit Colgate University

  • 1st graders visit Colgate University 1st graders visit Colgate University

     First graders visited Colgate University and learned about space.  They also went on a scavenger hunt in a geology museum, and every child participated in launching bottle rockets.


GWF Mission Statement


    It is our belief at General William Floyd Elementary School Stittville, that each child who walks through our doors has the ability to learn. To this end, we make an ongoing commitment to provide each and every one of the children the education they need to take positive control of their lives in an ever-changing society.

    If children are to succeed, live well, and contribute to society as they grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, we believe we need to establish a safe and nurturing, positive environment for them. Within that environment, we will provide the students, in conjunction with the home, the guidance to help the become all they are capable of being. Through our encouragement and positive communication with the home, the students will strive to develop a good self-image, responsibility for themselves, respect and caring for others, and the ability to make prudent value judgements leading to effective actions.

    Keeping this mission as a clear direction for our school at all times, we believe with good communication with the home, that all students will be able to succeed, not only academically, but socially, physically, and emotionally. 


Purple Hand Pledge

  • Purple Hand Pledge