Welcome to Holland Patent Elementary School

    Principal: Mrs. Sarah Vergis

    Secretary: Mrs. Karen Gorea

    Address : 7940 Elm St. Holland Patent, New York 13354

    Main Office: 315-865-8151
    Fax Number: 315-865-7265
    Nurse: Mrs. Richelle Murray, 315-865-7261


Timely HPE Information

Technology in Mrs. Bauer's Class

  • Mrs. Bauer

    Students in Mrs. Bauer's 5th grade classroom used Google Slides to disguise a turkey, keeping it safe from being part of the holiday meal!

Purple Hand Pledge

     Purple Hand Pledge

Our Mission

  • Holland Patent Elementary will provide an environment where learning is a positive experience. It is our aim that students will develop pride, respect, and responsibility for self and others in our ever changing society. We will instill in each child the desire to strive for personal excellence and develop an appreciation for life long learning.