We miss you
    Welcome to Holland Patent Elementary School

    Principal: Mrs. Sarah Vergis

    Secretary: Mrs. Karen Gorea

    Address : 7940 Elm St. Holland Patent, New York 13354

    Main Office: 315-865-8151
    Fax Number: 315-865-7265
    Nurse: Mrs. Richelle Murray, 315-865-7261

  • A message from your PTA and all the staff at GWF and HPE:

    All students are invited to participate in a scavenger hunt! This will take place May 11-17. We miss you all and want to see you having some fun!

    There are 2 to choose from- you can do one or both! 

    If you would like, please send your favorite pictures, from the scavenger hunts, to your classroom teacher. All shared pictures may be posted on our website. 


    Nature Home

Scavenger Hunt April 2020

We Miss You!

Timely HPE Information

  • Square 1


    Dear Famlies,
    The Square One Art Fundraiser is underway! This fundraiser allows you to purchase your child's artwork as a memorable keepsake. Each child had the opportunity to draw a picture in art class this school year. With the help of Square One Art, you can order keepsakes with your child's artwork. This year orders will be submitted strictly online and shipments will be delivered right to your home.  Orders can be submitted now through the end of the school year. For those of you wishing to order gifts for Mother's Day, please place your order prior to 4/27/2020 to ensure delivery before Mother's Day. Orders are fulfilled and shipped in the order in which they are received.  Below you will find the information needed to order your child's artwork online or via phone. If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact Kristin Roberts, Square One Art Coordinator.  kmroberts@live.com
    Thank you in advance for your support!! With your help, this fundraiser will help to provide funding for upcoming class field trips at both GWF & HPE in the 2020-2021 school year that the PTA funds. 
    Thank you,
    Kristin Roberts



    Simply click  on the Square 1 Art shopsite, and click on "Find Your Child's Art", and enter state, school name, and your child's name. Your child's art code will then appear. Once you enter your child's art code provided, you may then view your child's art, and order products! (Mobile Users: If you are already logged in to your Square 1 Art account, and do not see "Find Your Child's Art", scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "view full site" and the page will re-load and you will see "Find Your Child's Art".)
    If you have questions, or need anything at all, please contact customer care at service@square1art.com or 888.332.3294x1 or contact Customer Care Online.


    Clear dismissal and bus notes help us have a smooth, safe dismissal.

    Please consider using this format, provided by CSEA.

Technology in Mrs. Bauer's Class

  • Mrs. Bauer

    Students in Mrs. Bauer's 5th grade classroom used Google Slides to disguise a turkey, keeping it safe from being part of the holiday meal!

Purple Hand Pledge

     Purple Hand Pledge

Our Mission

  • Holland Patent Elementary will provide an environment where learning is a positive experience. It is our aim that students will develop pride, respect, and responsibility for self and others in our ever changing society. We will instill in each child the desire to strive for personal excellence and develop an appreciation for life long learning.