•  Weathering/Erosion "Photo Bomb" Extra Credit
    1. Take a picture of any type of weathering or erosional feature like a meander or a glacial erratic with you in the picture!
    2. Write a brief description of what the erosional feature is and include where the picture was taken.
    3. Be creative!
    4. Email the picture and the description to my school address.


    **Your picture must be submitted by Thursday April 13!
  •  Copernicus Extra Credit

    Submit a picture of yourself in front of the Copernicus statue in Utica.

  • Groundwater
    Subsurface Water Extra Credit
    Create a poster that illustrates the zones of subsurface water.

    1. Poster must be on poster paper.

    2. Diagram can be drawn or computer generated.

    3. Your poster diagram should include the following. Label and give a brief explanation of each:

    •     Zone of Aeration (unsaturated zone)
    •    Zone of Saturation
    •    Water Table
    •    Capillary Fringe
    •    Impermeable Rock
    •    Well

    **Your poster must be submitted by March 28th.