•                                                                                             ATTENDANCE

    Please call (315) 865-7292 for the High School Attendance Office with any absences, NOT the high school nurse. 
    If I don't answer your call, please leave a message.  I will be checking the voice mails by 9:30am. 
    Full Day Absences & Tardiness:
    Please refer to page 24-28 in the Student - Parent Handbook of what constitutes legal excuses and illegal (inexcusable) absences.  
    ***School tardiness is a home problem.  Parents are responsible for seeing that their children are in school regularly and promptly each day.  Exceptions to this rule are tardiness due to dental, medical and court appointments, college visitations, illness, death in the family, religious observances, impassable roads and music lessons.  Other tardiness due to extenuating circumstances will be considered by the high school administration.
    Noting:  "Chronically Tardy" to school is defined as being late to school more than two days per month.  Disciplinary consequences may include detention, ISS, or loss of driving privileges.
     "Students are strongly encouraged to bring in a note from a doctor after an appointment.  If a student is late without a legal excuse more than three (3) times, 
    a detention will be issued for each tardy. "
    Truancy (Class and School):
    Please refer to page 39 in the Student - Parent Handbook.