Social Studies 7 students are asked to complete a Current Events Assignment each quarter.  The goal of the assignment is to help students become aware of the major historical events that are happening in our local area, the state, the country or throughout the world.  The assignment is also designed to help my students continue to improve their basic reading, writing, and time management skills as well as their ability to locate information.
    To complete the assignment each student must locate 4 articles from the newspaper or the internet about "important" historical events that are or have happened in our area, the state, the country or the world.  After reading each article students are asked to write a one paragraph summary to explain what the event was, where and when it took place and most importantly why they feel it is an important event.
    For completing the assignment - students will receive two separate grades.  The first is a Time Grade.  Students will have on average 6 - 8 weeks to complete the assignment.  Assignments handed in on time will earn a time grade of 100.  10 points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.  The second grade is a Content Grade made up of the 3 articles and 3 summaries that the students have handed in.



    Utica Observer Dispatch

    Rome Sentinel