• Students have a Student Information packet reference guide that needs to be kept in their folder all year containing the following information:
    Classroom Rules:
    1.  Keep a positive attitude
    2.  Respect everyone and everything
    3.  Follow directions
    How to behave for class:
    Successful students are those who are actively involved in their own learning.  They also understand their actions affect their achievement.  If you adopt good habits, you will find success.  I expect positive behavior all year. 
    Bell Work Procedure
    1.  Be silently seated before the bell rings
    2.  Copy the work listed on the agenda board into your agenda planner.
    3.  Start your bell work.
    You must make up any work and class instruction that is missed due to an absence for any reason (illness, music lesson, you were at the nurse, etc.)  IMPORTANT: After an absence from class, you MUST see me the very next morning before announcements to pick up important papers, turn in any owed work, record missed agenda assignments, and to plan how you will make up the missed instruction and work. 
    Procedure for missing a class for a music lesson:
    1.  On the day of your lesson, report to class with your materials.
    2.  Copy tasks from the agenda/bell work board into your agenda.
    3.  Pick up any new handouts and turn in any owed work
    4.  After attendance, ask permission to go to your lesson
    5.  Make up the missed class content and work by the next class period.