• Welcome to 8th grade science! We are about to begin a fun, exciting and challenging year studying physical science. With hard work, cooperation and respect for all, we will have a very successful year.



    • Always be respectful of yourself, your classmates and your teacher.

    • Come to class prepared with a science notebook, pen or pencil, and your completed homework assignments.

    • Because this classroom is also a science laboratory, special rules of behavior apply for the safety of all. We will learn about these safety rules soon after school begins. Use of the science lab is a privilege !

    • Good conduct includes raising your hand to participate in class discussions, working cooperatively in groups, and listening while others speak. You are important to the success of the entire class!



    • Science notebook (spiral type)

    • Pens (blue or black) and pencils

    • 2 Folders

    • Loose-leaf paper


    • Homework/Writing assignments: 15%

    • Class and lab participation: 10%

    • Quizzes: 15%

    • Chapter/Unit tests: 20% 

    • Laboratory reports: 25%

    • 10 Week assessment: 15% (20 week exam is a mid-term/40 week exam is a cumulative final)

    •  Opportunities for corrections and extra credit



    • Assignments not completed on time will have points deducted. You are always responsible for work missed due to absence from school.

    • Failure to follow the Rules of Conduct will result in loss of a classroom privilege, a call home to your parent/guardian; and, if necessary, an after school detention.

    Just Ask!

    If you are having any difficulties with your science studies, please let me know. I am always willing to help. I am free Periods 1 and 3, and after school.