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Field Hockey

          Many people play sports, boys and girls. One of my favorite sports is field hockey.  This year, I tried something for the first time, and that was field hockey.  Sports take teamwork and teamwork is effort, and this season there was a lot of it.  Even thought the field hockey team did not win any games, we tried our best!

         There are many rules in field hockey:  sticks are illegal (raising the stick above the shoulder), you aren’t allowed to kick the ball, and you are not allowed to have any metal in your hair or on your body.  There are many positions, too.  There is a left wing, 2 inners, right wing, 3 midfielders, 2 fullbacks, sweeper (someone who helps the goalie), and goalie.  There are 11 players per team.  For our uniforms, it would be a kilt (AKA “skirt”), your jersey, shin guards, goggles, field hockey stick, mouth guard, cleats, and (in my opinion) you would want a duffel bag. 

     A lot of kids do not like field hockey because of how much you run, and it is a lot, but I like it. If you cannot take pressure, soreness, or a little bit of pain, this is not the sport for you.  This sport takes teamwork, and teamwork takes effort. 

Hannah C.