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Swimming in Paradise

Many people may not consider swimming to be a real sport, but despite 

their opinions, it is. The Holland Patent Swim team is a great experience 

both physically and mentally. You get to get a great workout and you 

get to meet many people from many different schools. Whether it’s RFA, 

Proctor, or South Lewis you meet great people, swimmers, and friends! 

The Holland Patent modified swim team is led by Coach K. He is nice 

and knows everything about swimming. There are four essential strokes 

you need to know. Those are Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle, and 

Backstroke. All of these are difficult at first, but get easier as you 

practice. For example, Butterfly is a stroke that takes a lot of body 

strength and determination. To help train for it, I would consider 

practicing exercising in Gym class. Breaststroke is basically putting 

your hands in a circular motion while simultaneously kicking your legs 

to SWOOSH through the water. To practice this I would practice running 

because you would be losing fat, and fat is your worst enemy in 

Breaststroke. With less fat your body will be able to move quicker 

through the water. Freestyle is the main stroke in swimming. It’s just 

like regular swimming, but you kick your legs while moving your arms over 

your head through the water. To practice this, you can also lose body 

fat by exercising and practicing exercises we use in Gym class. For 

example, jumping jacks will help you move your hands faster through the 

water. Backstroke is the last stroke available in swimming. Basically,

it’s freestyle but on your back. One important rule is to always 

look up at the ceiling because if you don’t, it will slow you down. 

Also practice kicking your legs faster in jumping jack exercises. 

There were 7 kids on the Boys swim team for the year of 2013-2014. I 

was a newbie the first year, and believe me, I was willing to work 

harder than I did in summer practices. My stroke was Backstroke and 

Freestyle. In Backstroke I achieved a lot. In our first practice meet 

I was Backstroke in the relay, and the only 7’th grader participating. 

Three 8’th graders and I all together working together to achieve the 

same goal. . . to win the relay. I was first with Backstroke, and I 

was the first to finish! Then it was up to my teammates to finish. In 

the end we won the relay, and It was the start of my swimming 

experience! Swimming has many options for meets. You can do any of the 

4 strokes in 50 meter for Butterfly, 50, or 100 in Backstroke and 

Breaststroke, and 50, 100, or 200 in Freestyle. As you progress 

through swim you will work your way to 500 meters in Varsity! Also in 

Varsity swim you don’t have to try out, you automatically make it! 

They are always looking for new recruits. So whether you’re looking 

for a sport to try or a new experience to try, sign up for Boys or 

Girls Modified Swim for the year of 2014-2015!

Justin S