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Skiing: A Cool Sport

Skiing is a sport where the skier attaches skis to boots or shoes on 

the feet and uses them to travel on top of snow. Skiing is a sport 

played by many but is also common in the winter Olympics. You can do a 

lot of different styles of skiing to. There are 3 common types which 

are Alpine, Freestyle, and Cross-Country. Alpine is where the skis

have fixed heel bindings. It originated in 1861 at Kiandra in 

Australia. Freestyle is a type that has tricks such as aerials which 

is doing tricks in the air, moguls which are a series of bumps the 

skier must maneuver over, half-pipe is where skiers do ticks on a long 

pipe, and slope style where you try to do the most tricks while in the 

air. It originated in the late 1960’s and is very common in the winter 

Olympics. The last type is Cross-Country is where the skier propels 

themselves across snowy terrain. Its first appearance was in the 

Olympics in 1924! If you’re planning on doing skiing Woods Valley is a  

common place people around here go skiing. I know from experience that 

skiing is A Cool Sport!

Justin S.